Live streaming - how to use it in marketing?

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Live streaming - what is it?

Videomarketing has become one of the hottest trends today. Brands are outdoing each other in creative ideas for the use of videos. Some of them are interesting enough that they spread viral and become viral - the mythical guarantee of campaign success that everyone consciously or less strives for.

Live streaming is nothing more than real-time video streaming. The appearance of new applications and such a possibility in the already popular social channels is another opportunity for brands to distinguish themselves from the competition and gain greater reach.

Which streaming source can I choose?

  • Periscope

Periscope is a Twitter application for streaming live events. The operation is more or less so that the user can start broadcasting his event to the observers at any time. Besides, if the author provides such a possibility, you can return to the video thanks to the "replay" function.

  • Meerkat

Meerkat is an application similar to Periscope at first glance, but differs in a few details. One of them is the ability to interact with recipients using built-in chat and real-time commenting. In addition, the retransmission button allows you to transfer the currently watched video to our Twitter account.

To create an account in the Merkaat application, you need a Twitter profile.

  • Facebook Live Video

Once upon a time, live streaming on Facebook was the domain of only verified fanpages of public figures. Currently, the option of live broadcasting is available to all users of the application on Android or iOS. Celebrities, brands and companies liked this opportunity because it engages fans more than standard entries. An additional advantage is the current favoring of video by Facebook.

  • YouTube

The video giant on the web also offers live streaming. All you need to do is have your YouTube channel to start live streaming at any time. Thanks to the chat function, you can stay in touch with viewers live, and the possibility of sharing a link to the broadcast has a positive effect on increasing the range of the stream. The recording is automatically saved and appears in the Movie Manager after a maximum of 12 hours. Live streaming on YouTube is also possible in the 360 ​​video format.

  • Google Hangouts

With the Hangouts app from Google, you can broadcast live while logged in to your Google+ account. Live streaming can be broadcast as public or private and made available on your website. In this case, the meeting is also recorded automatically and published on our YouTube channel.

How to use live streaming in marketing?

Live streaming is increasingly used. It usually arouses a lot of interest among recipients, thanks to which live broadcasts find more and more applications. For what purposes can live streaming be used, among other things?

  • Reports from events

There are always people who, for some reasons, cannot reach the event we organize. Here, the possibility of live broadcasting of its entirety or selected fragments comes with the help. All you need to do is select the appropriate streaming channel and share the broadcast link on social media. The subject of the event can be anything - from an industry conference to a concert.

  • Webinars

Webinars are the ability to interact with viewers in real time. For example, a webinar can take the form of a training course where viewers can contribute to discussions in an available chat.

  • Personal branding

Live streaming is also helpful in building a personal brand. Internet stars and others use this method to maintain a constant relationship with their fans. By sharing live fragments of their lives, they arouse even more interest around them.

  • Promotional campaigns

With the help of live broadcast and a creative idea, you can create a promotional campaign for the brand. It is also an opportunity to show your products in real time and additionally respond to consumer inquiries.

There are many more possibilities of live streaming in marketing. They can be freely adapted to the brand profile and the goal that you want to achieve through live broadcasts.

However, it is worth starting to use live streaming today in your marketing activities, because it will soon be on the agenda.