A "small" labor code for small businesses


"Small" Labor Code

After a series of meetings devoted to Polish entrepreneurs, the Chancellery of the President intends to develop new labor law provisions tailored to small businesses. It is primarily about minimizing the bureaucracy associated with employing employees and saving time that entrepreneurs should spend on building and developing their company. Entrepreneurs unanimously support the idea, arguing that the current Labor Code is not adapted to the current realities and market requirements. It forces you to deal with many formalities and difficulties in such a basic issue as concluding employment contracts. Entrepreneurs also pay attention to too detailed regulation of certain issues and often incomprehensibility of the regulations.

What is to simplify and when is it supposed to be created?

The new regulations, i.e. a small code for small businesses, are to include simplifications for the SME sector. The project is to be created in the fall, at the moment it is not known in what form and what limitations will apply to the application of simpler labor law provisions.