Mind map - does it apply in marketing work?

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The work of many marketers is based on creative activities. However, in order to be effective and measurable, it is often necessary to organize tasks and plans. A mind map is a good solution to order in planned activities. The method of "trees" developed by Tony Buzan works well in many companies around the world.

Mind map - what is it?

A mind map is a mental support tool with which we record information in a specific way. It is a kind of scheme that allows you to present information in a hierarchical way using keywords. Thanks to the use of colors and graphics, our brain remembers the knowledge presented in this way faster.

How can mind maps be applied in marketing?

It is hardest to put creative work in rigid patterns. However, it is not impossible. Thanks to the mind map, you can also organize your marketing activities. Here is an explanation of how you can do it step by step.


A mind map may be helpful when planning your marketing activities. It is worth including the goals of the project, tools that we will need, stages and areas of development. This is usually the beginning of a more elaborate flowchart that builds up as you complete the details. The main advantage of creating a mind map right from the start is that everything is gathered in one place and we can quickly get back to the information in question.

Thanks to this, the mind map is a structure that may look chaotic at first glance, but it contains branches and sub-branches, which stimulates creativity, requiring reflection on where to put the information.


There is a perception that mind mapping kills creativity. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This tool is a great way to write down any ideas that come to your mind and then organize them. In this way, we usually obtain most of the material, which we supplement with details, creating a ready-made project.


A mind map can also be used to present a finished project. This application has many advantages. It will introduce an element of surprise and also allow you to show many issues in one view. If you create such a presentation in a suitable program, a mind map will also help you to link to other websites or multimedia material in it.


A mind map will be useful not only at the stage of inventing and creating a project. It will also be perfect for managing and checking progress. Thanks to this, you have all the tasks presented in one picture and you can assess the level of their completion on an ongoing basis. You can use available applications that easily integrate with project management programs.

Mind map - what are the benefits of using it?

Although this tool is not as popular in creative work yet, more and more marketing specialists are convinced to use mind maps in their activities. There are many benefits to this:

  • time saving - thanks to the fact that information is created according to a pattern, it is more readable and clear for the rest of the teams, which reduces the time of explaining the issues to a minimum

  • easier to remember notes - we only save the most important information on the mind map, which allows you to absorb and remember them faster

  • stimulates creative thinking - graphic and informal type of information recording is perfect for brainstorming and creating ideas

  • additional interesting presentation format - by using a mind map during a presentation, you will arouse more interest of the recipients than by presenting a standard PowerPoint.

If you haven't tried using a mind map yet, you may be convinced by the above text. Of course, not everyone will find this type of information record. However, it's worth a try as it may turn out to make your daily work faster and easier.