Marketing interview part II

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Marketing interview - types

Below, we will focus on more detailed types of such an important measure as marketing intelligence that should be taken into account in the conducted research.

Simple standardized interviews

Simple standardized interviews - this is the most common form of marketing research. It is based on the use of a questionnaire with scaled responses. It resembles a standard survey, and the leader limits his activities to asking questions and taking notes. It does not require a specialist to conduct this type of interview.

Simple, non-standardized interviews

Simple, non-standardized interviews are characterized by greater openness and the freedom to ask and change the content of questions. The person conducting the survey uses the questionnaire, and at the same time may ask additional questions - also in the form of a picture presentation - and explain the doubts of the respondents. The questions prepared for this interview are usually open-ended, which makes it possible to obtain more extensive answers. Requires a specialist in conducting this type of interview.

Standardized in-depth interviews

Standardized in-depth interviews can be conducted both with individuals and in groups. As in the case of simple non-standardized interviews, specialist knowledge of the tutor is needed, because his task is to adjust to the expectations of a potential client. In addition, indirect questions are used with the possibility of projecting images in order to properly influence the imagination and senses of the recipient.

Non-standardized in-depth interviews

Standardized in-depth interviews are directed directly to a specific respondent, and the questions are direct. They can also be carried out in a group. They have the form of a loose chat on a selected topic in order to encourage the recipient to provide a substantive answer - this interview is particularly useful in a situation where the respondent is not eager to talk or confess.

Marketing interview - which form to choose?

Choosing the right method of marketing interview is the key to success, which is obtaining answers about the researched products / services. The relationship between the interviewer and the respondent largely depends on the choice. If both parties understand each other well in terms of the purpose of the interview - which is significantly influenced by the degree of customer interest - then you can start with a simple standardized interview.

If both parties have communication problems and the respondent does not fully understand the purpose of the interview, it is worth using an in-depth standardized marketing interview. As a last resort, if the steps taken so far have not turned out to be satisfactory, you should start the conversation with a simple non-standardized interview. Before starting the interviews, it is advisable to have a good understanding of the market segments that interest us, as too hasty selection of respondents may lead to unreliable information about the product / service.

Marketing interview - additional incentives to facilitate research

Marketing interview gives great opportunities to obtain knowledge about customers and their opinion on the products / services offered by the company, at relatively low costs. At the end of discussing the issues of marketing intelligence, it is worth remembering that in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the above research, you can also use the following measurements, which will help bring customers closer to our offer.

Physiological measurements

If the interviewer has a good preparation and experience in conducting a marketing interview, he can make physiological measurements. It is about the unconscious behavior of the respondents under the influence of the interview - e.g. changed voice tone, facial expression, sweat occurring, faster heartbeat (e.g. after seeing a graphic presentation) or a change in the movement and intensity of the eyeballs. Most reactions can be measured using mechanical instruments, such as a pupillometer, tachistoscopy or psychogalvanometer.

Projection methods

Projection methods are one of the types of standardized interviews. They rely on the interviewer ascribing his features to the recipients in a manner unaware of them. This art requires a very good knowledge of research techniques and a psychological approach to the subjects. Manipulation is used to display projections about specific products / services that are transferred to the target group. For this purpose, it is used, inter alia, picture tests, short stories not necessarily related to the assumed topic, methods of supplementing sentences - aimed at directing the right way of thinking - or methods of free associations.