Content marketing - how content changed the face of the Internet

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The Internet is the main information medium that contains an unimaginable amount of a variety of content. In a few seconds we can find the data we need and be up to date with all the news. The dissemination of computers and network access has revolutionized the process of creating materials and the way they are distributed. In turn, the growing popularity of the trend of using the Internet on mobile devices means that access to various types of content is possible from any place and at any time. No wonder that companies use it for advertising activities and increasingly focus on the quality of the content offered. What draws the reader's attention the most? How is online content marketing mainly used? And most importantly, what content is most effective? You can find answers to these questions and a lot more about content marketing in this article.

Content Marketing - Are the Rules Still the Same?

It has long been said about the importance of information published in the content. Is it enough for the text to be well-written and properly optimized to stand out on the Internet? Brands are producing more and more content that may be properly prepared, but are consumers needed? The success of our publications depends on many factors, such as the selected topic, form, quality, publication and promotion channel as well as its time. First of all, one should be guided by the principle of providing the right amount of useful content at the right moment. In the era of flooding the network user with an unimaginable amount of data, everyone will appreciate a well-targeted message, placed in the right place and time.

Which content elements attract the most attention of the reader?

According to the data contained in the IAB Polska report from 2016, the reader scrolls around 50-60% of the article and reads only 20% of the content. These data show that we browse the article in search of interesting issues, catchy headlines or the most important information. We decide to read a fragment of the text only when we find something that really interests us. Therefore, if we want to create a text that will interest the reader, first of all, we should focus on creating interesting titles and headlines and highlight all the information that may be useful. Is there anything that is just as effective in grabbing the reader's attention? They are definitely infographics. Due to the fact that the majority of users only browse the published materials, not reading them word for word, infographics allow you to quickly understand the meaning of the transferred knowledge. A IAB analysis shows that color graphics increase the probability of reading content by 80% and are 3 times more likely to be shared and liked than articles that do not have them.


Content marketing in a nutshell - what is the secret of successful publishing?

In order to create interesting content that will bring measurable benefits, you should have knowledge not only about webwriting, but also about the recipient and trends in the use of the Internet. With the changing way of using the Internet, content marketing has to adapt to the prevailing behavioral trends.

Learn the most important rules for creating content that will increase their popularity:

  • Analyze user activity - a thorough analysis of the behavior and engagement of readers in the content we publish will allow for better optimization of our activities. Thanks to this, we will find out when it is best to publish them, what topics are the most interesting for the recipients and what graphics attract the most attention.

  • Match the content to the publication channel - always try to match the content so that it is relevant to the selected publication channel and their users. Completely different, we create texts that will be displayed in the e-mail from those that we publish on social networks or industry websites.

  • Provide the necessary information - apart from the fact that the text is to be attractive in terms of the form of the message, remember that it is primarily to provide useful information. Content that does not add any valuable knowledge will not arouse interest and will not generate traffic to our site.

  • Use microcontent - short and engaging content is great for social media, where the user spends a few seconds to read it. Micro content should become an important element of your content marketing strategy. Try to create powerful, short content with a strong keynote that encourages the user to read the entire text.

Real-time marketing - stay up to date and react quickly

Content marketing should focus on quality first of all, but is it enough today? A network user who is constantly on the go and at the same time constantly connected to the Internet, expects immediate access to information. Social networks are great for this role, where they keep you informed about current events. Real-time marketing, i.e. real-time marketing places high demands on brands that should adapt to the prevailing standards. Commenting on daily events, informing about current news and novelties is the most appropriate. Users want to receive information exactly at the moment when a problem or topic becomes fashionable. It is the micro-moments that respond to the expectations of the web consumer who wants current, specific and interesting information.