Do you have a patent for a business - maybe it is worth protecting it? The union gives money!


Sometimes the key to success is the idea itself - a business patent. Then the only effective protection against competition is its patenting. It is connected with the necessity to register the product with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Funds for protection can be obtained from the European Union.

Innovative Economy Program (IE OP)

One of the still operating EU operational programs is the one called Innovative Economy. It is divided into 9 priority axes, including Investments in Innovative Projects. This axis is addressed to the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the set goals of the program are to contribute to increasing the level of innovativeness of enterprises. The stimulus stimulating the use of modern solutions in business is the possibility of obtaining funding for pilot projects aimed at testing new types of projects or approaches. It is also about identifying those that can be successfully introduced on a larger scale in subsequent years of the OP IE implementation or in operational programs in subsequent financial perspectives.

Business patent - patent application for an invention

The registration of an idea with the Patent Office should begin with determining what the protection should concern. Is an invention and a utility model? Is your trademark? Is an industrial design?



Definition on the basis of information from the Patent Office

and utility model

An invention must be considered as:

  • suitable for industrial application, such as if according to the invention a product or a method can be obtained or used in a technical sense in any industrial activity, not excluding agriculture;
  • new, if not part of the state of the art. Prior art is understood to mean anything that has been disclosed and made available to the general public prior to the date from which the priority to obtain a patent is determined;
  • having an inventive step, if the invention does not obviously result from the state of the art. The inventive step test only pertains to those applications that are new.

A utility model is a new and useful solution of a technical nature, concerning the shape, structure or combination of a durable object. A utility model is considered to be a useful solution if it allows achieving a goal which is practical for the manufacture or use of products.


A trademark can be any sign that can be represented graphically (in particular, a word, drawing, ornament, color composition, spatial form, including the form of goods or packaging, as well as a melody or other sound signal), if such a sign is suitable for distinguishing in the turnover of the goods of one enterprise from the goods of another enterprise.

Industrial design

An industrial design is a new and individual form of a product or part thereof, given it in particular by the features of lines, contours, shapes, colors, structure or material of the product and by its ornamentation.

A product is any item manufactured in an industrial or handicraft manner, including in particular packaging, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces, with the exception of computer programs (Article 102 of the Industrial Property Law).


Business patent - formal control

The Innovative Economy operational program gives the opportunity to obtain funds for financing all stages of product registration, starting from the very writing of the application, to registration of a business patent at the Patent Office. However, it should be borne in mind that the office will conduct an inspection before the idea is patented. The formal check consists mainly in comparing the idea with the existing ones. A detailed technical report is prepared in which the features of the idea are compared with the inventions already patented. If the office determines the individual nature of the idea, its publication takes place 1.5 years from its submission.

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

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The entity that administers EU funds in the field of inventions is the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. This is where the entrepreneur must at the final stage submit a patent or a report on the state of the art. Then the idea is verified again in terms of the inventive and practical level, and it is also checked whether the invention has already been used on the territory of the European Union (this would disqualify from obtaining EU funding). If the entrepreneur passes the verification successfully, it is possible to obtain EU funding for the protection of industrial property rights in the amount of PLN 2,000. PLN up to 400,000 zloty.

Unfortunately, both applying for a patent and funds from the European Union are still associated with a fairly high level of bureaucracy, so the entrepreneur should be patient. However, when looking at what there is to be won, most of the time the game is worth the candle.

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