Manager in a small company - why should you hire him?

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Entrepreneurs who run a small business deal with solving current problems, management and administrative matters, as well as managing people. At some point it may turn out that the owner's knowledge is insufficient for a small business to develop into a successful company. Not everyone dreams of conquering the domestic market, but everyone wants to earn a surplus of revenues over costs, i.e. profit. At a certain stage of business development, it will be reasonable to hire a specialist who will run the business. A manager in a small business does not mean the entrepreneur loses control. You can learn a lot from an expert.

A manager in a small company - when is it worth employing?

People who undertake business activities usually do not have a specific plan for the development of the company. At first, they dream of seeing their first profits and staying in a competitive market. When the first successes come and the business starts to grow, sometimes it turns out that the owner does not have the appropriate approach or character traits to run a large entity. At the stage of starting a business, what matters is creativity, imagination and following intuition in management. In the growth phase of an organization, analytical thinking, adopting a long-term perspective, and a certain systematicity and consistency in action become more important - visionaries who create a start-up do not always have such qualities. At this point, you should hire a manager for your small business.

A manager in a small company is also useful when an entrepreneur is struggling with financial problems. The possibility of reducing costs is not always visible to the person who created the enterprise and is very strongly associated with every element of it. Getting rid of an emergency machine, liquidation of a workplace that has long been replaced by a computer or the introduction of modern e-invoices can sometimes be a challenge for the owner. An employed manager will be devoid of sentiments, therefore it will be much easier for him to effectively reduce costs.

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Problems in human resource management are another reason why you should consider hiring a manager for a small company. Not everyone needs to know how to manage employees. Sometimes the owner is an introverted computer scientist who has undertaken a business to create innovative software on his own. He was successful, the company grew, he hired a secretary, HR, a few people to develop applications, and suddenly it turned out that someone had to manage people. An IT specialist will not undertake it, because he does not have the appropriate predispositions. A manager in a small company can assist in the implementation of the leadership function of a team of employees.

A manager in a small company and the benefits

It is worth considering what benefits the owner will receive when he hires a manager for a small business. These can include:

  • entrusting current affairs to a responsible person and obtaining more free time,

  • the opportunity to re-engage in the passions that were the reason for opening the business,

  • access to specialist knowledge on company management,

  • the opportunity to learn from the manager of company management,

  • using proprietary solutions for motivating people,

  • handing over "paperwork",

  • the possibility of reducing costs related to running a business,

  • introducing a clear division of responsibilities does not result in loss of control over the company.

To some entrepreneurs, hiring a manager for a small business means handing over control and power to a stranger. In fact, a management specialist is another employee who should fulfill the entrusted tasks. The management contract should describe exactly what the manager should do, and what is still the owner's responsibility. This will prevent the new manager from making autonomous decisions that do not have a positive effect on the success of the business. A manager in a small company does not have to be authorized to represent and manage cases - then the entrepreneur decides everything.

Manager in a small company - who to hire?

When looking for a person for the position of a manager for a small company, it is worth paying attention to:

  • she was satisfied with the proposed financial conditions,

  • she had extensive professional experience, especially in managing a small business,

  • was not too arrogant and agreed to the terms of the contract,

  • at the same time, she did not perform the role of an administrator in an entity conducting competitive activity,

  • had the energy and enthusiasm to develop a small business into a successful organization,

  • she was resistant to stress and able to adapt to the organizational culture of a small company.


If you would like to entrust running the company to a manager, but you are concerned about whether the cooperation will be successful, prepare a contract for a trial period at the beginning. If the management method does not suit you, you will not extend the contract.