The 360-degree method in employee evaluation

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Employee evaluation causes stress. In large organizations, it usually takes place once a year and employees are concerned about what they may hear. However, this kind of feedback about our work is extremely important. Thanks to this, the employee can objectively assess his competences, find out in which areas he is checking, what he should fix, where he makes mistakes. So evaluation is essential for development. How is it carried out? Superiors or HR employees dealing with it use many methods. Among them, the 360 ​​method is used more and more often. What is it about?

360 method in employee assessment

Usually, the employee is appraised by his supervisor. It is he who evaluates his work, commitment and place in the company's structure. In turn, the 360 ​​method allows you to read the opinion of many other people, thanks to which it becomes more objective and reliable.

The 360 ​​method covers not only the employee and the supervisor. It is attended by the employee's subordinates, his associates, colleagues from the department and management staff. Customers are also often included in the survey. So how is the assessment performed with this method? A questionnaire evaluating the employee's competences must be prepared. It talks about both its strengths and aspects that should be improved. Such a questionnaire is anonymous so that the participants are more honest in their assessment.

The questionnaires can be prepared by the HR department, a company specially hired for this purpose, or you can use the general aspects contained in the 360-degree method.

After conducting the survey, its results are checked and a report is prepared in which all the collected data is carefully analyzed. At the same time, the employee's development path, elements that should be changed, and the direction he should follow are indicated.

These conclusions are presented at a meeting with the employee and, at the same time, plans for his development for the next year are also established. Thanks to this assessment, it is possible to clearly see which aspects the employee needs to pay more attention to.

It is worth adding that the questionnaire is filled in and also assessed by the assessed employee. Therefore, he may confront his opinion about himself with the opinion of his colleagues. It will also help him change his view of his work and perspective. He is able to catch any differences in judgment and consider why this is so. This often turns out to be a great opportunity for self-reflection.

360-degree method step by step

The first step is to notify the person being assessed that the 360-degree test has started. At the same time, people are appointed to prepare and conduct the survey, as well as its subsequent analysis and preparation of the report.

Then, employees and all those who take part in the survey will be notified and the competency assessment process will begin. It cannot be denied that this step usually takes a very long time, because even several dozen people take part in it. This method of assessment is therefore definitely a long-term one.

Then the designated group reads the results of the questionnaires, analyzes the results and sets the path of the candidate's development. This stage is followed by the interview with the candidate and presentation of the applications.

The 360-degree method not only in the annual assessment

Employers use the 360 ​​degree method not only for the annual appraisal. Candidate surveys may also appear in other situations. Then, they primarily help in choosing. When is the method effective?

Employee Competency Development: The 360-degree approach can help you designate an employer who is talented and worth investing in. Talent development is extremely important for the company, because people are capital that is definitely worth investing in.

Recruitment: companies also decide to recruit internally. In such a situation, the 360-degree assessment may be binding in selecting a candidate suitable for a given position. Thanks to it, the employer sees the candidate's position in the company's structure better than in the case of self-assessment.

Great results or no results: The 360 ​​degree approach can also be useful when an employee suddenly starts to achieve great results or, on the contrary, achieves great results and suddenly stops. This state of affairs is puzzling for the supervisor and the 360-degree method can help clarify the situation.

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360 degree method - advantages and disadvantages

The 360-degree method has many advantages - first of all, it is very reliable and allows the employer to see exactly how the employee's competences are assessed. The study is objective - the opinion of many people allows for the distinction of certain regularities. In addition, she is valued for accuracy and the opportunity to better present development plans for the next year of work.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this method is the long time it takes to complete it. As we mentioned, even several dozen people can participate in the study. Data collection and analysis also require time and accuracy. Therefore, the preparations for the meeting with the assessed person generate high costs and are time-consuming.

However, it is worth considering introducing this method in your company in order to objectively and reliably assess the competences of employees. Thanks to this, we will be able to take care of their development as effectively as possible, and the greater their competences, the better the company's chances of success. Although the time is long and the costs are considerable, the effectiveness of the 360 ​​degree method is invaluable.