Mobile advergaming. How are mobile games used in marketing?

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How to combine business with pleasure? This question is asked by many people and the answer to it is not easy at all. Marketers also ask themselves - how to combine effective marketing with entertainment? The answer to this has become to some extent advergaming - creating computer games for marketing purposes. The era of mobile devices has taken some players to the small screen - mobile advergaming was created for them.

Mobile advergaming, the fruit of smartphoneization

The phenomenon of smartphoneization has been discussed in Poland for several years. It is a bit humorous description of the trend for mobile devices that prevails in our country. Smartphones and tablets have won the hearts of Poles, hence the need for the development of mobile marketing has increased significantly. One of its types is the implementation of mobile games for marketing purposes.

Mobile advergaming is a term that often appears on the Internet to describe this phenomenon. A slightly less frequently used term is mobile game marketing, which is used by Monika Mikowska in her book E-Marketing. Contemporary trends. Starter pack. Mobile advergaming was implemented quite quickly by some Polish brands. The first mobile games for marketing purposes appeared on the Polish market about 5-6 years ago. The brands that created the game for the promotion quickly found followers.

An example comes from abroad - Polish mobile advergaming

Undoubtedly, the stimulus that moved the Polish mobile advergaming was the huge success of Angry Birds. Brand promotion specialists noticed that mobile games, due to their reach (according to data from August 2015, the first part of Angry Birds in all versions was downloaded around the world about 2 billion times!) Are a great advertising tool. There is also an attractive form of advertising that focuses on interaction with the user and provides him with entertainment.

The first manifestations of mobile advergaming in Poland were quite simple games proposed, for example, by Raiffeisen Bank. Until today, however, in Google Play alone, the Mobilny Bank game has only gained 100,000. downloads. However, only Raiffeisen customers can use it.

Mobile advergaming in Poland - examples

Many brands in Poland have decided to prepare mobile games for their own promotion. It should be mentioned here, among others about the Żywiec Zdrój brand, promoting the game Żywioł Riders in 2012, in which the player played the role of a motorcyclist and collected bottles of mineral water on the route. Although the game was made on a good graphic level, its idea did not sell well. It is worth noting, however, that it was related to the advertising campaign "Discover your Element".

Danone prepared the game Danio. Fast and Hungry - it's a simple car in which we try to avoid obstacles and reach the end of the route as quickly as possible. As in the case of Żywioł Riders, the graphic side was a big advantage, but it did not translate into gameplay. The players criticized the insufficient variety of the game and the difficulty of steering, but there were also positive opinions.

An absolute phenomenon when it comes to Polish mobile advergaming is the game Heart and Mind. Orange Polska used the characters of the Heart and Mind that appear in the brand's recognizable advertising campaign. The game was prepared by Atomclick and Looksoft. It is an arcade game in which we use various skills possessed by the heroes. The game has already recorded over 500,000. downloads and gets positive ratings.

Nothing happens twice - this is how you can best describe the much lower interest in subsequent versions of "Heart and Reason". Titles with subsequent numbers did not match the first part of the game, and did not even come close to it in terms of the number of downloads.

Mobile advergaming - opportunities and costs

Although the market of mobile games for marketing purposes in Poland is not yet very strong, examples coming from the West can quickly influence it. Mobile advergaming is at a high level there and many companies decide to create their own games for mobile devices. A special advantage of mobile advergaming is the possibility of obtaining customer data via games.

The group of recipients of this type of advertising is very wide and does not mainly concern minors, as the prevailing stereotypes suggest. In addition, there are no territorial or time restrictions - the only problem may be the language barrier, if we have not prepared foreign-language versions of the game. Mobile games for marketing purposes allow you to build brand recognition and awareness. It is also good to use them as variety and reinforcement of a wider advertising campaign.

However, mobile advergaming has its downside. These are the high costs that must be spent on creating a game - which is why many smaller brands do not decide to take this step. While the marketing policy does not assume an offensive towards mobile devices, such brands tend to use the possibility of appearing in other, already developed mobile applications.

However, it may be a consolation that the success of a mobile game does not come from high expenditures on it, but from a good idea. Sometimes simple applications (such as puzzles, crosswords, etc.) are more fun than graphically good games. Certainly, a lot of importance should be attached to the campaign itself - if it is catchy, the game will definitely support it effectively.