Brand monitoring - how to do it effectively?

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Brand monitoring is an extremely important aspect, especially on the Internet. Constantly controlling how the enterprise develops gives you an insight into how our company compares with the competition. Thanks to this procedure, it is also possible to check what mistakes the competition is making and to protect against similar actions.

Brand monitoring - who is talking about us and where?

Brand monitoring makes us aware of what our customers think about us. Knowing who, what and where is talking about us is the basis of the company's operation, especially in social media, which is currently one of the most important places to build a brand. If the company does not keep its profile on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - it is not stated that it has not been listed there. That is why it is so important to be aware of what others say about us on the Internet.
Nowadays and widely available social media, everyone has the opportunity to submit information without verification. However, a company should not be scared just thinking about it, but use it to their advantage - the potential is enormous.

Thanks to the knowledge of how customers rate us, how they perceive our advertisements and how they evaluate our services, the company is able to react appropriately.
Brand monitoringallows you to do it in such a way as to meet the expectations of your customers - all thanks to careful observation. The decision on what elements the company will use for this purpose is a secondary matter - the most important thing is effective monitoring.

Brand monitoring on the Internet

One of the tools for effective observation that allows you to check the number of press articles that appear, as well as information on press portals, is the Press Service. Brand24 is the second tool thanks to which it is possible to monitor information appearing in the network - this tool allows you to check the so-called noise that appears around a given brand. By using these tools, it is possible to quickly reach places where there are discussions about our company, led by market consumers.

A very big advantage of both tools is that they also effectively search social media and all kinds of internet forums - thanks to this, the company has full insight into the information shared among Internet users. This, in turn, affects the possibility of marketing activities to further develop the brand.

Brand monitoring as internet marketing

Brand and content monitoring is one of the main elements of the dynamically developing internet marketing in recent years. Every company that wants to be successful on the market should decide on a comprehensive system for monitoring information about its brand that constantly appears on the web.

Thanks to this, the company is able to obtain research information for marketing and has insight into the activity of online consumers.
With a very extensive and recognizable company, you can obtain as many as 36,000 pieces of information per month - it is easy to calculate that this is nearly 432,000 pieces of information per year. It is very important to select at least one third of the information obtained each month and subject it to detailed analysis and interpretation. Thanks to the data obtained in this way, their assessment and verification, it is possible to accurately assess the functioning of the company and monitor the brand. A well-developed brand monitoring network influences the receipt of information about the company in just a few minutes after its publication on the network (usually it does not take more than 10 minutes).

It is also important to collect information quickly - thanks to this, it is possible to react quickly on the part of the company and counteract the emerging crisis (e.g. due to a dissatisfied customer). Internet observation data is a valuable source of information for any brand. They provide full insight into customer information - in addition, they also provide information on how customers evaluate a given company.

Each recorded negative opinion or complaint should be thoroughly investigated and necessarily explained. When monitoring a brand, it is important to check what has failed - a process, a person or a tool.

Each, even one negative opinion should be a treasury of knowledge for the company - they provide an overview of the company's situation and indicate to the management what needs to be changed. Today's times allow consumers to communicate quickly - mainly due to social media - which they have little influence on. That is why it is so important that the company has full insight into comments and can react to them quickly.

Brand monitoring in contemporary marketing

Full control of the company over the situation taking place in the network is very important nowadays, where virtual reality is of great importance.

Thanks to broadly understood access to social media, consumers can exchange information very quickly.
The trader needs to be aware that a dissatisfied customer will pass on a negative opinion to anyone they encounter, and a satisfied customer will probably only mention it to a few people.

That is why a quick reaction to negative opinions is necessary - it gives the opportunity to avert greater dissatisfaction and improve the image of the company, which translates directly into the brand.