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Cooking is a fashion that has taken over the whole world. It is no longer associated with a stressed house hen, but with people full of passion and ideas. You can get a headache from the number of cooking or baking blogs, and it is impossible to count the variations on each dish. To whom do we owe this tasty revolution? Certainly, famous chefs and restaurateurs have a great influence on the shaping of culinary awareness. Their TV shows are watched by millions of people. This is what they proved, however busy a person may be - preparing a delicious dish is not complicated and does not take much time.

Gordon Ramsay, the terror of all cooks

Ramsay is the most recognizable chef / restaurateur in the world. He has a chain of his restaurants around the globe, and runs a whole lot of programs - from "Hell's Kitchen", where the best chefs fight for their dream job, to "Kitchen Nightmares", where Gordon, like Magda Gessler, saves doomed restaurants . Apart from that, he runs culinary programs and was on the jury of "Master Chef". He has published loads of cookbooks that are among the British classics. According to Forbes magazine, he is the highest-paid chef in the world. His annual income is almost $ 40 million!

What makes Ramsay so popular? It must be admitted that this is a special person. He is very direct, loves to swear and some even say that he enjoys insulting people. On his show "Kitchen Nightmares", Ramsay and other restaurateurs almost broke up on a number of occasions. In Hell's Kitchen, on the other hand, adult men were able to run out of the kitchen crying after Gordon's monologue. On the other hand, he is known as a very fair and helpful person. A tough guy with a soft heart - how can you not love one like that?

Jamie Oliver on guard of healthy food

Jamie's plan is to throw fast food out of the eating habits of the British (as well as the rest of the world). In his programs and publications, he focuses primarily on the fact that you can eat healthy without spending a fortune and not spending the whole day in the kitchen. One of his most popular releases is "Jamie Comfort's Food", where he proves that leftovers can be used to create a real feast, and "Jamie" s 15-Minute Meals ", which offers the most interesting recipes for dishes to be made in 15 minutes.

However, it was thanks to his fight against obesity that he was appreciated by the world media as well as by the British government. He was awarded an Order of the British Empire and made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Family Physicians. He founded the non-governmental organization "Ministry of Food", which deals with teaching healthy eating in schools. He has won millions of pounds in grants to build canteens in educational institutions. At the same time, he is an extremely nice and energetic person who inspires to action.

Anthony Bourdain and Rock & Roll

Another Briton on the list. Loved by millions of fans around the world, at least half of which are women in love with him. The first book by Anthony, "Kill grill", turned out to be a real bestseller, where it not only tells about the hard work of a chef, but also about the backstage of the gastronomic world - filled with sex and drugs. The story turned out to be so interesting that a series was made based on it, and Bradley Cooper played Anthony.

Currently, Anthony Bourdain runs the program "No reservations", in which he travels around the world, and the natives show him around home places, even in the most touristic cities. Of course, the show doesn't lack adult-only jokes and a lot of curses, but Bourdain is just that. He likes to smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and eat a fried spider in Thailand. He is also famous for his sharp remarks towards his colleagues, but that is a topic for a completely different article.

Delicious Nigella Lawson

It must be admitted that in the category of the best and most famous chefs, women are a definite minority. However, Nigella is an exceptional lady whose sex appeal would be envied by top models. She started her career as a journalist, later she took up food criticism. Only Ed Victor, a well-known literary agent, persuaded her to write a book. He is said to be impressed by the way Nigella talks about food. How To Eat turned out to be a bull's eye, then it only got better - Lawson became interested in more releases and TV shows.

Nigella is a pleasure to look at - she is a pretty woman with feminine shapes, always temptingly emphasized by her clothes. Critics even claim that only her sexy appearance guarantees high viewership. Nutritionists also warn against Nigella's recipes, which according to nutritional standards are definitely too greasy. However, people who cook according to its recipes defend Nigella, because the dishes are not complicated and even a layman can handle them. Meanwhile, Lawson doesn't really care much about his opponents. Because what is there to worry about if practically everything you do at once is doomed to success?

Karol Okrasa - good because he is Polish

This extremely nice cook / restaurateur is a favorite of Poles. He became famous for the program "Kuchnia z Okrasą". His biography is extremely impressive - he gained his knowledge in places such as Jan III Sobieski Hotel or Hotel Bristol (he was the youngest chef in the history of this place). He is a co-founder of the Chefs' Club Foundation, which aims to promote the idea of ​​table culture - both in Poland and abroad. His restaurant Platter was featured in the Michellin guide. Okrasa draws a lot from traditional Polish cuisine, trying to give it a modern flavor, thanks to which the dishes are lighter and less caloric.

Lidl's campaign, in which he took part with Pascal Brodnicki, was very positively received. Every week, both chefs prepared dishes from the current offer of Lidl. The idea was, of course, healthy, but also simple and inexpensive dishes. Each recipe was supplemented with a commentary by a dietitian cooperating with the chefs. In addition, Karol Okrasa is often awarded, he won an award for, among others, culinary personality of the year or the most talented chef. With all this, he remains a very modest person.

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