Tincture like a medicine, worth a sin - tasty and good for everything

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The tincture is perfect for cold days or meetings with friends. It will improve your mood, warm you up and, above all, it can taste great. But that's not all. Many tinctures have health properties, and consuming small amounts can make you forget about colds and other ailments. We present 4 recipes for delicious tinctures that will not only delight with their taste, but also act like a medicine.

Lemon liqueur

Lemon tincture is an excellent proposition for lovers of expressive and, of course, sour taste. The recipe is extremely simple. 3 lemons, half a liter of alcohol (spirit or vodka), 2.5 glasses of sugar and approx. 0.5 bottles of water are enough. Of course, the proportions can be modified to your liking, for example, the more water, the weaker the tincture. Theoretically, it can be eaten immediately after preparation, but it tastes much better if it is aged for several weeks.

Lemon tincture is an ideal remedy for colds, perfectly warming up during the cold months. Lemon also has cleansing properties. In addition, it speeds up digestion, so it will be a good addition to meals.

Aronia tincture

Aronia tincture can be very sweet and a bit tart, however, there will be plenty of fans of its taste. Put 1 kg of fruit into the jar, then cover the whole with 0.75 kg of sugar and let it stand for two days. You can also add vanilla and cinnamon to chokeberry, then it will take on a slightly spicy flavor. After this time, add 1 liter of vodka and leave it for two weeks. Then the drink should be drained, poured into bottles and allowed to mature for about half a year.

Aronia has cleansing properties, which is why it can perfectly deal with toxins in our body. In addition, it will strengthen blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Aronia tincture will help in the prevention of heart attacks, it will also reduce discomfort with acidity.

Raspberry tincture

The method of preparing the raspberry tincture is very similar to the chokeberry recipe. Sprinkle the raspberries with sugar and alcohol, and leave the jar aside for 6 weeks. After this time, pour the drained drink into bottles and leave it for about half a year.

Raspberry tincture is perfect for colds or flu. A tablespoon of the drink added to tea, drunk before going to bed, will allow you to sweat perfectly and reduce body temperature. This is the perfect way to protect yourself from diseases in autumn and winter. The tincture will also reduce severe menstrual cramps and - like the previous ones - it will help to cleanse the body of toxins. It is also worth drinking it in case of problems with the intestines or stomach.

Spicy tincture

Spicy tincture is perfect for winter evenings. Its aroma is very festive. To prepare it, you need spices such as cinnamon, cloves, vanilla or nutmeg, as well as orange peel, water and 0.5 liters of alcohol. To make the drink sweeter, it is worth adding about 0.25 liters of honey.

The spicy tincture perfectly warms you up and additionally helps to reduce the feeling of overeating and a full stomach. It definitely improves the mood as well. This is the perfect drink for Christmas!

It is worth remembering that the health properties of the tincture are most visible when we give ourselves the pleasure of consuming it. Keep in mind that despite its delicious taste, it is still alcohol, so too much can lead to unpleasant ailments.