Naming, or how can you name your company?

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You create a company and you don't know how to name it? You should know that you should think about a good name before starting your business. When you want to change the name of the company for some reason while running your business, unfortunately you will have to start all the work on its image from scratch. Check what naming is!

One of the three most important parts of a company's branding (i.e. building brand awareness), next to the logo and advertising slogan, is its name. The effective name of the company is the basis of modern enterprises, and the process of its creation is called naming. If we decided to come up with it ourselves, without the help of companies or appropriate agencies, we should devote a lot of time to this matter. The success of the business often depends on the effect of this process. The name is a key part of the entire marketing strategy.

Naming and marketing strategy

The customer most often identifies the company with the name. No advertising campaign will give us satisfactory results if the name is not good. Its advantage should be stability, thanks to which it is the most stable element of the entire marketing strategy. Regardless of the slogans and slogans, the name in the ads is always the same. Therefore, it should distinguish us from the competition and define a characteristic identity, image and the world of ideas related to it.

How does it work in practice? Research on our brain shows that words and pictures form connections in our head that then form images. Thanks to this, taking the word "chalk" for example, we create in our brain an image of a writing tool on a blackboard, and there is no chance that we will confuse it with something else. The company names work the same. Do you have a problem with defining what brands such as Nike, Krakowski Kredens or even Pudliszki do? Probably not. Your name must therefore have the same value. Hence, it is so important to name the company at the beginning so that there is never a need to change later - it will be a marketing shot in the knee.

What should you remember at the very beginning so as not to regret it later?

There are some basic unwritten rules in the naming world that you should stick to. When creating a name for our company, we should first of all remember that in this case less is more. In practice, this is because the shorter and more direct the name is, the better. Unfortunately, the market is already so saturated that in many industries the best names may already be taken. Experience is also an important issue. You have to take into account that every person is different and understands certain words and phrases according to their experiences and related ideas. What you understand in a certain way may not always be understood the same by your customers - try to anticipate it. In addition, the name should be recognizable, positively associated and memorable.

The law is important

Legal regulations are extremely important when it comes to naming. When naming your business, you must follow certain rules that prohibit the use of certain words and limit the creative process. First of all, the name you want to use must be free and accessible. In practice, this means that another company in a specific economic area cannot use it (it is the so-called patent protection). In order not to confuse our customers, it is also worth embedding the name of the company in the context of the place where it operates, its products and recipients. It should additionally refer to the general values ​​of the company and refer to the industry in which it operates, profile and specific identity characteristics, as well as be consistent with the role that your company will play on the market.

How to create a name?

If we create the name ourselves, and not with the help of a professional company, it is worth following a few rules that can systematize our work. Brainstorming is the first. Take a piece of paper and write down absolutely all the words that are associated with your business, the industry in which you operate and your potential customers and how you want to be perceived by them.

You can look for inspiration in the dictionary, on the Internet or abroad. In the next stage, eliminate names that are the most banal, have bad associations or are already used by other companies. From the remaining ones, select the best ten in your opinion and start testing them. Talk to your friends about them, ask your loved ones and draw conclusions. Check after some time which of the mentioned names they remembered. In this way, create a popularity ranking and select the best three names from it. After a while, choose the one that you are most convinced of.

A good name is the basis of the company's existence and its marketing strategy.Therefore, it is worth getting into this task at the very beginning and coming up with one that will fully reflect the identity of your company. Try to avoid the need to change it in the future, thanks to the fact that at the beginning it is convergent with the industry and services you run. If you have a problem with the appropriate creation, hire professionals for it.