Parsley is health itself - take advantage of its nutritional value

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Parsley is often associated with soups, which many people simply do not like. However, mothers are usually adamant in this matter and from an early age they forcefully enrich their children's dishes. No wonder, because parsley is very healthy and including it in the diet can only do us good. Check why it is worth eating this greens and how to smuggle it painlessly with meals.

Parsley, a vitamin bomb

Although citrus is considered the main source of vitamin C, it is worth knowing that parsley has several times more of it. In addition, it also includes, among others provitamin A (beta-carotene), magnesium, iron, calcium, folic acid or copper. It is rich in vitamins and minerals!

Does parsley affect our health?

The very content of the mentioned vitamins and other nutrients should not leave any doubts. Natka has a great influence on our health.

  • It will help in cleansing the body, it is diuretic and it is worth using it when we suffer from urolithiasis.

  • Thanks to its ingredients, it is also useful in the treatment of anemia, it also strengthens the body's immunity.

  • Consuming parsley will improve the digestion of food and help with intestinal problems.

  • Parsley also helps with menstruation. When bleeding is late, it can help to cause it (it also makes the bleeding more intense), reduces menstrual cramps and has a relaxant effect on the pelvic muscles.

  • In the event of water retention in the body, it is worth including parsley in your diet.

  • Natka can also improve and strengthen eyesight.

  • The parsley infusion can also help to calm you down in stressful situations.

  • Parsley can also work against bad breath, it is recommended, for example, to smokers.

  • Natka can also improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

  • A compress of parsley can speed up wound healing, reduce pain and swelling.

In what form should you eat parsley?

Of course, the healthiest is fresh parsley, but it will also retain its health properties after freezing and drying, but after cooking it loses vitamin C. It is best to dry the parsley in the air, in the shade. Frozen food can be stored, for example, in a bag, although it usually ends up in plastic ice-cream boxes, but it must be admitted that finding a green frozen food instead of the desired sweets is quite an unpleasant experience. A foil bag is definitely enough.

Can you grow parsley yourself?

To be 100% sure that parsley is fresh and natural, you can grow it yourself. Nothing simpler - just plant the parsley roots in the pot and leave the top part above the ground. The next step is to put the pot in a sunny place and make sure that the parsley does not run out of water. Let us water it every time we see that the earth is drying up.

Of course, this is not the only way to get parsley, because you can buy seeds and plant them in pots. However, if we sow the seeds, we will wait a little longer for the parsley. Therefore, if we care about time, it is worth focusing on the first method of growing it.

How To Eat Parsley

Some people love the taste of parsley, others just frown. However, its health properties make it worth introducing it to your diet, regardless of your beliefs. Fortunately, the parsley can be cleverly hidden. Then it is very likely that we will not even taste it.

Parsley has many uses in the kitchen. It can be added to salads, potatoes, salads, soups, scrambled eggs, omelettes or even tea. One of the most popular uses is sprinkling with hot broth. No wonder that this soup is so appreciated by sick or cold people. After all, in addition to warming properties, we also get a vitamin bomb in the form of greens. Parsley can also be perfectly camouflaged, e.g. in fruit cocktails with its addition.

Parsley - cocktail recipes

Below are some recipes for delicious and healthy smoothies with the addition of parsley.

  • Pour a handful of parsley into a blender, add banana and mango, pour over everything with the juice of half a lemon and water (0.5 cups). Blend until smooth, and do this for all other recipes as well.

  • Put a handful of parsley into a blender, add kiwi, banana and half a lemon, and pour over the whole with freshly squeezed orange juice (0.5 cups).

  • Pour a handful of parsley into a blender, add green cucumber, banana, half a lime juice and water.

Optionally, you can add a little honey to all cocktails to make them sweeter.

You can easily grow parsley at home to make sure it is all natural. Thanks to this, we can have a real vitamin bomb at hand at all times. Even if you don't like its taste, it's worth trying to add it to your meals. It can finally be done in a completely painless way for our palate.