A name for a company - how to create it to delight recipients?

Service Business

Have you ever wondered why some brands have become so popular at a rapid pace? Is it only the merit of the services and products offered and good advertising, or maybe something else contributed to it? Undoubtedly, their success depends on the harmonious interplay of many different factors, one of the most important of which is the right name for the company. The brand's success partially depends on it, whether it will start earning money quickly and acquire satisfied customers, or whether it will have to try many marketing tricks to reach its target group.

It's not easy to create a good name for your business. Sometimes it takes time and is preceded by a number of other activities that are to help us choose the most appropriate and best suited to the business profile. The name for the company does not come out of nowhere. Its creation is a very long process, which includes market research, psychological and linguistic analyzes, as well as the identification of personal priorities.

Company name - how to start?

It's always the hardest to get started, no matter what we do: whether it's doing primary school homework, cleaning the apartment, cooking dinner, or just creating a name for the company. It all starts in our head and, of course, from the image of the ideal client. First, we need to pinpoint who he is. Since we already know what we are going to be dealing with, it should not cause as big problems as it might seem, for example:

  • clothes for children - young parents, pregnant women;

  • tourist office - a community with average earnings, young spouses, wealthy retirees;

  • exclusive anti-wrinkle cosmetics - middle-aged women who care about their appearance.

It is much more difficult to imagine how our client wants to be perceived. Is she a serious or relaxed person, focused on the valuable content that we should provide her, or maybe with a sense of humor and entertainment? This has a big impact on what name for the company will be the perfect one. You must learn to think like your client, see through his eyes and act as he or she expects you to do. Without it, you won't be able to create a suitable name for your brand.

A good name for a company - use all your ideas and associations

You will get to this stage only when you get to know your target group. Remember that any idea can turn out to be the good one, and each word can be the key one. Write down anything you can think of. Do you think that something makes no sense, that other company names sound completely different? It does not matter, and maybe it is even better, because the name for the company must be original and unique. Play with associations and synonyms, involve your family in fun. Two heads are better than one, and several are better than two. Look for inspiration. Where? The answer is: EVERYWHERE! Everyday life can turn out to be the best source of ideas. For example, the Big Star company - in Polish it does not mean anything else than a "big star", and yet it managed to break through a wide range of customers and appear all over the world. Maybe some word play, unusual word combinations or mental shortcuts? - remember, however, that it must make sense and create a coherent whole.

What name for the company, such a slogan

The name for the company is closely related to its advertising slogan. It would seem that the mere creation of a name is extremely difficult, and when it comes to the slogan, some people think that it is beyond their capabilities. Contrary to appearances, these two things are easier to create at the same time. A slogan must say as much as possible about your business, in as few words as possible. Think about your clients, their problems and what they expect from you, and how you can provide it to them. The words of the slogan are a kind of indication to potential customers of the path that leads to you. It is not only the presentation and advertising of your brand, but above all the highlighting of your greatest strengths with which you want to be associated. The words of the slogan will inspire the name for the company.

Remember that the slogan cannot be long - these are just a few words that will appear next to your company logo. And here we have another concept, namely: logo, i.e. an element of visual identification. It also matters when you are considering which name is the best for your company. So we have three elements that connect with each other and create a harmonious whole: the name for the company, a slogan and a logo. By creating them at the same time, it is easier to find the most important feature of the brand that we want to emphasize through the name.

Worse, better and best ideas

In the database of ideas you have created, there are certainly those that stand out, and therefore are better than the others. Finally, a moment must come when you select and choose for your company the name that best reflects you and the character and mission of your brand. Try to look at all the proposals very critically and objectively. Think about what is really most important to you and which of the proposals best emphasizes it.Also remember that the name for the company should be unique and original. Avoid those that already exist - give them up first. We reject those that are difficult to remember, that are not memorable when we first come into contact with them. As the third, we delete those that are hardly understandable and found themselves on the list of proposals quite by accident. And so, we are left with only the proposals that would best fit the policy of our company.

From among three or five names, it is easier to choose the best one. But how? Let's test them! Here you can use your reliable friends. All you have to do is call a few of them, present your suggestions to them, and then call them again the next day and ask which of the names they remember. This will be the one you should choose.

Creativity, unconventional thinking, original associations - this is not enough to create a name for the company. Here you need analysis, a strategic mind and an objective view of your company, preferably through the eyes of the clients themselves, which many entrepreneurs consider the most difficult, and some even impossible. However, nothing happens by itself - everything is associated with a lot of effort and dedication. Sometimes it also takes time, so patience is the most desirable feature here. Avoid traps such as using your first name, last name or city in the name. They are not always adequate to the services you provide. It worked for Ford or Jacobs, but Kowalski or Nowak does not sound so special and original.