Networking - a network of contacts

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Establishing business relationships with people from various industries will enrich your knowledge and help you when looking for business partners, employees or clients. Creating such a network of contacts can contribute to the achievement of your goals - both individual and shared with others. Let's take a closer look at networking and the benefits it brings.

What is networking?

Networking is a process of exchanging information, resources, and mutual support based on a beneficial network of mutual contacts. It consists in creating long-term relationships based on mutual trust and support, and thus - mutual benefits. Both parties share their knowledge with each other, recommend their services and provide each other with help when needed.


"Networking is not about shallow contacts and short meetings. It's about nurturing relationships with other people in such a way that you can turn to someone when you need information and support, and help someone when they need it."

- L. Michelle Tullier "Networking. How to get a job and become a successful career through networking".

Networking - creating a network of contacts

One of the ways to create networking is to use the network and recently popular social networking sites. They offer great opportunities to gain knowledge, experience and contacts. Through internet forums and blogs, entrepreneurs can exchange their opinions and practical observations. By posting profiles on websites for professionals (eg Goldenline, LinkedIn), you can establish contact with industry specialists who share their knowledge. In addition, you can get information on other industries or make contact with potential customers.

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However, the Internet cannot always replace human contact. You can start building a network of contacts with industry meetings or conferences. Even if you only talk for a few minutes with the person you meet, make an effort to get to know each other during this time. Share your passions and projects, and let the other person do the same. Ask interesting questions that may deepen the topic of your conversation. Openness and honesty are important - this is the essence of networking.

Networking - why is it worth it?

If you're new to the industry, you can start by compiling a list of contacts - your friends, college mates, former associates, and even people like your doctor, accountant, or lawyer. Even if you did not think about these people in terms of business cooperation, it may turn out that they are very valuable resources that give you the opportunity to plant seed, and then - harvest from networking.

By building a network of contacts, you have quick access to effective solutions to problems that may arise on your way. Remember, however, that networking is a two-way exchange. In addition to taking, give something from yourself. So it's important to stay connected, even if you don't need help at the moment. If you only speak when you are in need, you may be ignored at some point.

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