Netiquette - rules and rules prevailing in the network

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For over a dozen years, functioning on the Internet has been so obvious that also in this area, savouir-vivre had to be created, which is worth following. Netiquette - because this is the name of the set of rules and principles of good online behavior - is very important and we should know it.

Where different communities interact or interact with each other, sooner or later there will also be a set of good principles that are accepted by the majority. They are to enable efficient functioning in a specific group, eliminating undesirable behaviors and situations.

Savoir-vivre is in practice a set of good manners and customs in a given environment and context. Knowing it is obligatory if you want to function well in a given community. Although until recently we associated etiquette only with good table manners, over the years this concept has gained many other meanings. Online savoir-vivre is called netiquette. What is it about?

What is a netiquette?

Following the example of savoir-vivre, netiquette is a set of acceptable behaviors and rules on the Internet, which applies to all Internet users. People who use the Internet somehow form one global group that must function with each other. That is why there was a need to create rules of good behavior that should be followed (for the benefit of all) by everyone. Over the years of operation and development of the network, the netiquette was created by the Internet users themselves. The principles of online savoir-vivre are to allow for effective and pleasant communication with other Internet users within the framework of general principles of decency and culture. What are the most important rules?

Netiquette and spelling

On the Internet, try to stick to the rules of spelling, punctuation and general spelling standards of the language. Writing with errors, far-reaching abbreviations or even without diacritics negatively affects not only the quality of data on the Internet, but also the quality of individual languages ​​themselves. By reading, we subconsciously record even wrong solutions, considering them correct if used frequently, and then duplicating them. It's dangerous for the tongue!

Do not shout!

In the netiquette, writing entire sentences in capital letters is something that is usually not well received. While such texts attract more attention, they are considered an internet scream that should not be abused - just like in everyday life. Therefore, try not to use the popular Caps Lock if you do not have such a need.

Netiquette - emoticons

Although emoticons are a product of the Internet and it is often impossible to avoid them in order to quickly express our emotions, their abuse is already perceived negatively. Remember that following the rules of netiquette, they may be an addition to the text, but should not constitute its main content.

When writing e-mails ...

... be sure to give them appropriate titles that actually reflect their content. Try not to spam, and check your e-mail every day, just like you do with a mailbox. When using several addresses in one e-mail, add them in a hidden copy so as not to reveal them to other users. Write the content itself in text format, avoiding HTML formatting.

Netiquette - viruses

By following the rules of netiquette, try not to visit suspicious sites that may upload malicious applications to your computer. Protect yourself against this by using an appropriate antivirus and firewall program. Scan your computer regularly and make sure it is not infected. If it becomes infected with a virus, you can infect the computer of other Internet users with whom you correspond.

Netiquette - hating

Although you may think so, you are not anonymous on the Internet. Try to respect other Internet users and not take out frustration in anonymous comments on forums and social media. It doesn't change anything, it only tells about you. Each entry on the Internet can be localized and found the author if necessary.

If everyone were to follow the rules of netiquette, the internet would be the perfect place. Unfortunately, given the diversity of this community, this is not possible. However, as an individual, try to stick to basic principles in order to set an example for others. If you require anything, try to give at least as much.