You do not like to manage? Hire a manager!

Service Business

Companies that need change are increasingly turning to temporary managers. Thanks to the employment of an experienced person who has already implemented similar projects many times, it does not need to be implemented for months. The interim manager can diagnose the problem and solve it. Thanks to this, companies using this type of solutions can save time and money.

What is interim management?

Interim management is a temporary activity within the company that is defined in terms of purpose and scope. This activity is carried out by a natural person who is tasked with achieving specific business results. The actions of an interim manager are based on cooperation and participation in the risk and profits of the company that employs such a person.

Interim manager - who he is

An internim manager is a qualified person who usually has experience as a company president or board member. Interim manager works for a specified period of time in order to implement the project. Thanks to the knowledge he has, he introduces changes in a given area of ​​the company's activity.

Temporary manager jobs

Companies use the services of an interim manager in a situation where they only need a temporary replacement for an absent manager who is employed on a permanent basis, who, due to random reasons, cannot perform his functions at a given moment.

Thanks to the high qualifications and extensive experience of an interim manager, companies also employ him to perform special tasks, such as:

  • expert support and consulting,
  • company restructuring,
  • shift management.

In addition, companies often decide to hire a temporary manager for projects related to layoffs. This is mainly due to the fact that the external manager is impartial, objective and focused only on achieving the intended goal.

Benefits of employing an interim manager

  • a temporary manager is accounted for the effects of his work, therefore part of his remuneration depends, for example, on obtaining a certain level of turnover,
  • use of extensive knowledge and rich experience,
  • the company does not have to build another job and does not bear the related fixed costs,
  • interim manager does not need to be implemented or trained, so the company can save time and money,
  • streamlining business processes and entering new markets,
  • a temporary manager helps to effectively solve specific problems and strengthen management in the company, as well as in its individual departments.

Interim management projects are most often carried out in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. Interim management covers a very wide range of services in industries such as:

  • production,
  • Insurance,
  • banking,
  • modern technologies,
  • HR,
  • finances,
  • marketing
  • sale.

In Poland, the services of interim managers are just gaining recognition. Although companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of hiring temporary managers, it is still a relatively rare practice.