Working in a corporation - does it really have only disadvantages?

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Korporacja, korpoświat, korpoludek - potentially harmless, in practice these expressions usually have very pejorative undertones. Working in a corporation is associated by many with a huge effort and saying goodbye to life outside work. This does not change the fact that corporations employ the majority of all professionally active people, and the number of people applying for employment is still growing. Could this mean that huge companies are more than just incarnate evil? Yes - corporations have a lot of positive features that allow for a better start of a career or that can serve as a model for young entrepreneurs entering the market. So, does working in a corporation only have disadvantages?

A corporation at the beginning and end of a career

One of the best themes in the film industry is "from zero to hero", or in other words - from mail delivery / coffee / photocopying to a corporate director. Stories from cinema screens are obviously exaggerated, but they contain a grain of truth. Working in a corporation is a great way to start a career, even for those who do not yet have extensive experience and an extensive CV. Big concerns can afford to hire an educated and graduate employee who will learn the apprenticeship only with them. Such a young person at the beginning of their career is often a tasty morsel - it can be assumed that she will be creative, energetic and committed to work, and at the same time unspoiled by the habits of the previous place of employment.

The corporation is also an idea for further career development for those who already have more experience and are looking for a change. In large companies, there are really many departments, branches and outlets in which not only specialists from plots strictly corresponding to the company's profile will find employment, but also many others. It is difficult to imagine that, for example, in Microsoft, specialists-programmers would deal with accounting, human resources, training and HR activities. Therefore, apart from the main core, there is an accounting, human resources, training, HR and many other departments necessary for the effective development of the company.

Working in a corporation is a development method for ambitious and hardworking people. On the one hand, there is a clearly defined promotion ladder that you can climb. The requirements for each level are clearly defined, so the employee can focus on what is most important - work and results that may result in a promotion in the future. However, it is worth remembering that there are many ambitious and hard-working corporations, and most often one promotion. Therefore, working in a corporation is very good for extroverts, who are given wings by adrenaline and who are not afraid of working under pressure. People who are paralyzed by stress and who are rather phlegmatic should think seriously before choosing such a job.

The corporation develops and not only thanks to its own hard work. Large enterprises invest in their employees, motivating them at the same time with the possibility of continuous education. Therefore, employees have the opportunity to participate in a variety of courses and training. Some of them are intended primarily for improving the skills necessary for a given position - sales, leadership, the use of new specialized programs, etc. Apart from them, a whole range of additional activities is often available, from which you can choose those most similar to your interests - e.g. linguistic or manual.

Corporations also anticipate additional activity for senior management, which may not yet be a standard, but can be encountered more and more often. These are individual sessions with personal development coaches, intended for managers and directors in the company. In this way, the company's management prevents the serious threat of burnout. By planning their professional activity and development, the management has a better chance of avoiding loss of willingness to work and setting new goals.

In addition to opportunities to educate and develop itself, the corporation offers something that other workplaces cannot properly boast of - and certainly not to such a large extent. It is about making new acquaintances and contacts that are gained by working with so many people. On the one hand, they give the opportunity to improve under the supervision and support of specialists, older and more experienced. On the other hand, getting to know people from different departments may come in handy at the least expected moment - it is worth remembering that building a networking network is an extremely effective activity in today's world.

Working for a corporation does not necessarily mean that you will be associated with a given company until the end of your days (or at least until your retirement). However, even when a specialist from such an enterprise decides to change the company or start his own business, he can still benefit from his "corporeality". An entry in the CV pointing to the place of work in an international corporation or including such information in the portfolio of your own company is something that pays a lot of attention. It's worth taking advantage of.

Work in a corporation, i.e. stable work?

While there is so much talk about non-wage motivation these days, there is no denying the facts - pay is important. Up to a certain level of earnings, even the most important. In this matter, corporations are also taking the lead, working in a corporation is more profitable - certainly money is their strong point.

Salaries in corporations are usually higher than in similar positions in smaller companies. No wonder - large enterprises operate on much larger amounts, and financial liquidity is less dependent on individual contractors. The corporation is more stable, less threatened with loss of liquidity, and thus - more solvent. Therefore, the advantage of salaries in corporations - apart from their amount - is timeliness. In large businesses, employing many people, great importance is attached to compliance with deadlines and regulations. Therefore, the employee can count not only on the timely payment of salary, but also, for example, protection of trade unions or the certainty that he will be able to use the vacation leave.

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A corporation behind the scenes - i.e. social facilities

Working in a corporation can actually take into account the fact that you will often spend more than the basic eight hours in the workplace. Any company that wants to aspire to the name of modern and employee-friendly, will therefore ensure that employees can feel at home within its walls - or even better.

What does it mean? Corporate standards must comply with health and safety regulations, so you can be sure that the office will have basic social facilities in the form of a toilet and a kitchen. However, management often goes a step further, offering its employees even more. That is why the office kitchen is often perfectly equipped - with kettles, coffee machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and full tableware. Little? So a company canteen, buffet or catering - to provide employees with fuel for work without wasting time for its preparation. Many companies outdo each other in the proposed solutions, choosing, for example, healthy food that is currently fashionable.

When it comes to saving time, it is worth mentioning medical care, which today is part of the company's standard offer for employees. Medical packages are purchased in private facilities, offering both general practitioners and many specialists. What is saving about? Corporations function like machines - each employee is a separate cog, the failure of which (read: illness) can disrupt the work of the entire team. Therefore, the owners of corporations want their employees not to get sick, and if this happens - they can immediately benefit from professional health consultations and return to work as soon as possible. Thus, private medical care allows the employee to take advantage of a medical visit quickly and without problems, without the need to stand in lines and cumbersome registration, i.e. without wasting valuable time.

A little less standard, but slowly becoming the norm on the market, are in-house nurseries and kindergartens, i.e. a helping hand towards working mothers. It is worth remembering that professionally active mothers are entitled to a number of breaks or discounts. If the child is nearby, the employee can easily take care of him during her break. What's more, most mothers (and fathers, after all, fathers also take care of children) will be calmer knowing that their children are in a kindergarten just a few floors away, not streets from their office room.

Working in a corporation is not the end of life

All the listed advantages of a corporation are virtually unquestionable, but all of them concern only time at work. Is the statement indicated at the beginning of the text true, then, that working in a corporation is also the end of non-professional life?

Fortunately not. Employment in a corporation is extremely demanding and indeed, more than eight hours of work during a working day is often required. Most companies, however, appreciate more and more the importance of a sustainable lifestyle, manifested in the ability to separate the professional part from the personal, private part. Passes for the gym or swimming pool are perhaps a well-known example, but they were the first step towards appreciating non-professional activities. Currently, recreational packages are much wider, and employees often have such recreational facilities in their workplace (e.g. indoor gyms or relaxation rooms). Such actions of corporate authorities allow us to look to the future with a great deal of optimism and hope that soon the concept of a corporation will cease to have only negative connotations.

So is a corporation the best idea for a career path? It depends - on the person who is faced with the choice of career, on what stage of life he or she is at, what personality they have - and many other factors. It is here that the advantages of working in a corporation have been gathered, trying to disenchant its gloomy fame, which does not mean that corporations have no disadvantages. They have - bigger or smaller like everything else. The key issue here is to determine what for a specific person will be predominant in the corporation - its advantages or disadvantages. If it can be established, the decision about whether to work for a corporation or not becomes much easier.