Not all that glitters is gold, which is the gray reality of a freelancer

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You've been a freelancer for a while now and you know it's not as wonderful as you imagined at the beginning. However, you realize that every form of work has its drawbacks.

You've learned the secret of freelancing. After all, you are aware of a fact - freelancing is not a job, it's a LIFESTYLE. You're not deceiving yourself anymore, you're slowly starting to envy full-time employees. The gray reality has caught up with you. You've been initiated, you've passed the exam - welcome to the real world of freelancers. Now it is only up to you whether you will persevere or lift the dark side of the freelance medal.

All that glitters is not gold

It turns out that a man is not much different from a magpie - his life also depends on symbolic trinkets. People like money, although money doesn't necessarily like people. And mainly because of this, such a man decides that when he gets big, he will become a freelancer, because a freelancer earns quite a lot.

It's true, a freelancer can earn much more than the average full-time salary. But hola, hola, not so fast. Do you know man that to get coconuts you need to be independent, firm, well-organized, conscientious, disciplined, creative, available 24/7, always rested and eager to work, stress-resistant, go-ahead, ambitious, well-motivated and strong character? You are overwhelmed by the number of adjectives, do you not notice even half of these features in yourself?

If so, then NOTE: Give up the idea of ​​becoming a freelancer immediately, this is not a job for you! It just so happens that a freelancer needs to have all or most of these traits in order to earn really good money.

Your job is everywhere

Remember a series of jokes about looking in the fridge? If you are planning to become a freelancer, now is a good time to remember it. Because soon the number of orders will knock you down, until you are afraid to look into the fridge, because another order might jump out of it.

Freelance myths say that a freelancer has plenty of free time. NONSENSE! Yes, he can organize his own time and is not subject to any top-down control, but work accompanies him everywhere. Imagine that you are just falling asleep and suddenly you have a great idea, unfortunately you have to get up and write it down, because in the morning you will miss it.

Forget about a quiet vacation, because maybe you will receive a large order during it. Of course, you need to have constant access to a cell phone and the Internet, because what if you will get an important phone or e-mail.

Sickness? You're kidding.After all, a freelancer doesn't get sick. If you want to earn, you have to work - simple.

Dream? Probably not. After all, your plan was to get rich. And the lazy will never be rich! Well, when you fell asleep by accident, at least you dream about projects, orders, topics for articles.

Freelancing is a vicious circle of work from which you will never break free!

Zosia Samosia

Have you set up your own company? Well that's wonderful. But did you know that you have a lot of responsibilities from now on?

  1. First, you fly to register your company in the commune's business register. You pay about PLN 100 there. If you fail to do so, you will be severely punished with a fine.
  2. You open a separate bank account for the company and notify the tax office about it. If you have more than one, you also need to inform the tax office about it. Moreover, you are required to inform all banks with which you have accounts about the basic account. And if you don't do all of this, you can pay up to 3,000. PLN fine.
  3. Are you already dizzy? Wait, we're not even halfway there yet. You are flying to the Provincial Statistical Office for the REGON number.
  4. You apply to the tax office for a tax identification number (NIP).
  5. You must submit a registration application to the tax office before performing your first VAT activity.
  6. You submit an appropriate declaration or application to the tax office on the choice of the form of taxation.
  7. Within seven days from the date of commencement of business activity, you submit your social and health insurance on the ZUS ZUA form. Of course, you buy them earlier, e.g. through the National Health Fund. In this case, if you have been without insurance for more than three months, you will pay a considerable fine.

And do you know that the above-mentioned requirements are only a few of your current duties? Because from now on you are completely independent, you do not have a boss who would tell you what to do. You organize your own time, you find mistakes in your projects yourself, you search for information and learn by yourself.

Do not complain. After all, you chose this type of work for yourself.

Your home is your office

For several years you have been working in the same place, and you also eat here, rest, watch TV, sleep, party, enjoy life. What fun, you ask? Well, no, because you are slowly getting fed up with the view of the same furniture, the same computer, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall, and even household members.

If you live alone, you become depressed. Eternal alienation, eternal loneliness. You call out the window: "Halooo, is anyone there?" You are losing touch with reality.

And when you're rich ...

You have already collected your dream fortune, you are basking in luxuries. But at what cost? Constant work and lack of contact with society have damaged your health. It is possible that you will now pay for private doctors with your little fortune.

Suddenly you realize that you have never been promoted, that you have no friends from work or even a poor retirement pension. You never got any raises or bonuses.

"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity"!

You have read the above text, and now think about whether you really want to become a freelancer. Those who have already entered this world do not know the way back. Maybe it is not too late for you. You have a chance to escape.

However, if you are optimistic, you can bring some color to this gray reality. You may even see some benefits of freelancing ...