New Anti-Crisis Shield - apply from 23 July!


The anti-crisis shield provides support to those who have suffered from COVID-19.From 23 July, a new group of entrepreneurs will be entitled to receive funding from the Social Insurance Institution. The next edition of the anti-crisis shield is about to start!

New Anti-Crisis Shield - who will receive support?

The amendment to the anti-crisis shield assumes assistance to entrepreneurs who:

  • in educational units they sell food, stationery and stationery to students, students or pupils (PKD 47.11.Z and 47.19.Z);
  • they are tour leaders and tourist guides and provide services to museums (PKD code 79.90.A).

When it comes to school shops, entrepreneurs running this type of activity will be able to count on the support of the Social Insurance Institution - a standstill benefit and exemption from paying social security contributions, health insurance, the Labor Fund, the Solidarity Fund, the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund, and the Bridging Pension Fund. The condition for receiving support is the appropriate PKD and the income criterion. If the income from business activity in November 2020, December 2020, January 2021, February 2021 or March 2021 was lower by at least 40% compared to income from September 2019 or September 2020, the entrepreneur will be able to apply for exemption from paying contributions for November-December 2020 and January-March 2021 and submit an RDZ-SK application.

Tourists and tourist guides who provide services to museums (PKD code 79.90.A) may also be exempt from paying contributions for July, August and September 2020.

How do I apply?

From 23 July, all applications can only be submitted electronically via the PUE ZUS platform. Depending on their intended use, the applications have the following names:

  • RSP-SK - application for a parking benefit;
  • RDZ-SK - application for exemption from fees for school shops;
  • RDZ-M - application for exemption from contributions for tour guides and tourist guides who provide services to museums.

All applications can be submitted from July 23 to the end of September this year. Information on the status of the application will be available on the PUE ZUS platform.

The anti-crisis shield provides support for entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19. It is worth observing the information on exemptions and concessions provided by the Social Insurance Institution, as the catalog of entrepreneurs entitled to discounts is constantly growing.