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CRM (in Polish - Customer Relationship Management) is software that makes the daily work of the company easier. The main role of this technology is to collect and process all relevant customer information in one place - the company's database. Despite the large number of entries, the CRM system allows an individual view of each individual or business entity. Let's take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of Customer Relations Management software.

CRM system - benefits

The CRM system allows for an in-depth understanding of the needs and preferences of contractors, as well as for an effective flow of information in relations with them. Thanks to this, Customer Relations Management works well in remarketing, i.e. reaching those customers who for some reason resigned from the company's services. Such information is visible in the database in black and white, therefore it is possible to counteract the outflow of people quickly and effectively. The CRM system is also useful when analyzing the overall condition of the company. Thanks to such software, customers can be divided according to specific parameters. In this way, it emerges from the group of the most profitable contractors, on whom you need to focus your marketing activities. On the other hand, those who are making losses can be tracked and eliminated from the pool.

The Customer Relations Management system brings benefits both in the pre-sale and post-sale sphere. In the case of the former, it is primarily about identifying needs and formulating offers. The after-sales benefit is to improve the warranty service system and overall customer support. You can clearly see that CRM is a holistic tool that covers the entire sales process. This type of software saves time and makes it easier for employees to perform their tasks and rationally organize their daily work.

As mentioned before, the CRM system allows you to conduct financial analyzes - thanks to the collected data, you can easily measure the cost of servicing each customer separately. Saving time and money combined with focusing on the most profitable contractors means increased sales and market expansion. The brand image also improves - customers feel that their needs are being met quickly and fully, which increases their loyalty. And hence a simple path to personal recommendations that bring real profits to the recommended company.

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The downsides of having a CRM system

The CRM system - like everything else - has its drawbacks. You have to remember that implementing it in the company is a revolution. Each employee must acquire the necessary qualifications to be able to handle all holistic processes as required by the software. The implementation of CRM in the enterprise is also associated with considerable expenses on IT infrastructure, devoting time to implement the whole and learning how to use it.

The advantages of the CRM system clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, there are shortcomings and you shouldn't forget about them - but overall you can see that this type of software is really a profitable thing. Is CRM suitable for your company? It is difficult to define it unequivocally - some businesses do not need such a system because their customer base is small and it is easy to deal with it in the traditional way. However, if your business is based on a solid number of contractors who need your attention, do not hesitate - choose CRM!

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