A modern accounting office - what should stand out?

Accounting Offices

Currently, the provision of accounting services is possible remotely, which allows you to significantly save time. Accounting offices are gaining in popularity, but along with it, competition in the market and the scope of demand are growing. So what should a distinctive, modern accounting office look like?

Modern online accounting office

The pandemic forced a large proportion of entrepreneurs to go online. The system of remote or hybrid work had to accelerate the operations of accounting offices. It has even become a necessary condition for the proper division of responsibilities.The great advantage of a good accounting office is undoubtedly having specialists in various fields who will help you in difficult matters. It should also enable fast and convenient transmission of documents in electronic form.

Tax law regulations change rapidly, so knowing it is an absolute must. Accountants, whether they like it or not, must keep up with the constant changes, otherwise it may have serious consequences. In addition, in the eyes of customers, an accounting office is to serve not only correct, timely settlements, but also professional tax advice.

The fact is that newer and newer software is available on the market, making it easier for entrepreneurs to sell and settle accounts. The accounting office must therefore keep up with IT progress - it should offer advice in choosing the right program, and even make it available or sell it. If one company provides accounting services and software with the help of a specialist, it will save a lot of time and money. The basis is the availability of the software both on the website and in applications for mobile devices.

Learn the necessary tools

A modern accounting office should have a professional program for data transfer and communication with clients, as well as provide other useful tools for the client. The most popular solutions include:

  • customer's Google Drive or Dropbox connected to the accounting system,

  • invoicing module,

  • customer panel.

Customers who have their own Google Drive or Dropbox can integrate it with the wCompany accounting system for accounting offices. Thanks to this, the customer can take photos of cost invoices on an ongoing basis and save them on his disk. At the same time, the invoice appears in the accounting system. After the end of the month, the accountant selects all invoices in the catalog and sends them for processing by OCR. An automatic archive of the booked documents is created on the client's disk, and in addition, all of them are linked to the booked expenses in the company. What if the client doesn't have such a disk? Nothing is lost, because they can attach pdf invoices directly to the accounting system, in the main module visible right after logging in.

The invoicing program will be useful for every entrepreneur. The best solutions allow you to issue domestic invoices in foreign languages ​​and currencies, invoices without VAT or VAT margin invoices. They also allow you to handle foreign sales under the VAT OSS. In addition, the online system will certainly be appreciated by customers, when they will also be able to issue invoices from the phone. On the other hand, for the accounting office it is also a benefit because all customer sales are automatically booked. Other useful tools include the warehouse module, integration with Allegro, the task module or the calendar from which the customer additionally receives e-mail notifications about the payment dates of ZUS and taxes.

The customer panel is a place where the entrepreneur has access to his financial results. He can see tax and ZUS calculations and can download income statements, sales by periods or check financial liquidity analyzes. Additionally, the panel has a communication module with its accountant. Thanks to this, even if his accountant changes (e.g. the previous one is transferred to other clients or leaves the office at all), the entire archive of conversations and findings is in one place.

Remember about good relations with the client

Although the work of an accounting office is better and better conducted online, direct contact with clients should absolutely not be avoided. Nothing enhances an office's reputation as much as its representatives. The aforementioned specialists play a key role here.

It should also be remembered that the client uses the services of an accounting office to solve his problems. It is worth looking for optimal solutions with which the client will be satisfied - an example of such activities may be, for example, minimizing the tax risk. Honesty and trust will certainly help in solving problems, as well as the ability to recognize the client's needs and, more importantly, take them into account.

Another very important element is timeliness. The work of the accounting office is much more difficult if the client does not provide the required documents on time. This is what the online tools for easy and quick invoice transfer to the accounting system are for. It is also worth offering additional help if necessary, because clients often do not want to admit that they have trouble with something or do not understand something.

Accounting offices offer newer and newer solutions to facilitate work. In order for a modern accounting office to be counted among the most reputable ones, it must keep its finger on the pulse and adapt its services to constant changes. If it focuses on innovation and building positive relationships with customers, it can rise to the heights of good reputation.