New deadline for submitting PIT-28 from 2020!


Good news for taxpayers who pay for a registered flat rate! From 2020, they will not have to rush to submit the PIT-28 annual tax return, because the deadline for its submission has been extended by as much as one month! What is the deadline for submitting PIT-28 and who does this obligation apply to?

Who is required to submit a PIT-28 declaration?

The obligation to submit an annual declaration on the PIT-28 form applies to:

  • natural persons conducting sole proprietorship taxed on a lump-sum basis on recorded revenues,

  • persons conducting business in the form of a civil partnership of natural persons or a general partnership of natural persons taxed with a lump sum,

  • people who earn income from rental, sublet, lease, and sublet, and these agreements are not concluded as part of business activity.

Taxpayers submitting the PIT-28 annual tax return do not pay the flat-rate tax advance for the last month or quarter of the year. This advance payment is settled only in the annual tax return.

What is the deadline for submitting PIT-28 in 2020?

In 2019 and in previous years, the deadline for submitting PIT-28 was January 31. In 2020, this deadline has changed because the PIT-28 annual declaration for 2019 should be submitted between the 15th and the last day of February.

Due to the fact that February 29 is a day off, the last day for submitting PIT-28 for 2019 will be March 2, 2020.

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