A new type of consumer - the HENRY generation. Who are the people in this group?

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Living at the right level, comfort, adrenaline and fascination with new technologies - these few points could describe the HENRY generation. However, in the description of this consumer group, there are several other important features that affect their purchasing decisions. So who exactly is today's HENRYk? What does he like and what is he afraid of? Find the answers in the article below.

HENRY generation - description of a new consumer group

The name of the HENRY generation is an acronym of the full statement obtained in the report of the Gfk CluePR company that identified this group of consumers - High earner not rich yet. Translated, this means that they are people who are not yet rich, but aspire to remain rich.

Demographic data about HENRYKS

  • People belonging to this group are in the 25-45 age range,

  • 73% HENRYK have higher / postgraduate education,

  • 70% of HENRYks declare that they perform intellectual work, a freelance profession or hold managerial positions,

  • Definitely more than half of this group of consumers (65%) live in large cities or on their outskirts.

HENRYk - who is he, what he likes and what he fears?

People belonging to this group focus primarily on comfort. They appreciate the appropriate quality of life and are reluctant to give it up, even afraid that they will lose it. They remain in a safe comfort zone, where adequate earnings allow them to maintain this stabilization. In a comfortable life, they put technology in a special place, which in their opinion, in addition to facilitating everyday functioning, also makes them open to new products and changing trends.

We already know that HENRYk values ​​comfort, stabilization and new technologies. But what factors make her feel encouraged to act? What wakes him up and what makes him fear?

Below is a description of the new generation of customers in relation to various areas of life that are worth getting to know and properly use in the brand's activities.

The HENRY generation versus work and money

As it was written at the beginning, people from this generation do not shy away from working - 70% of them work mentally, in a freelance profession or hold managerial positions. Individual net income is about PLN 3,000 / month, while 59% of them declare that they earn more than PLN 4,000 net / month. The HENRYKS value appropriate property status and are very afraid of losing it. At the same time, only 44% of them (the result for an average Pole is 68%) say that it is worth saving money.

  • HENRYk's lifestyle

HENRYKS value their free time - 53% of them declared that they like spending it actively. In the case of the interests of a typical representative of this group, the first four presented in the infographic below can be distinguished.

  • What goods does HENRYk have?

People belonging to the HENRY generation, due to the fact that they highly value the feeling of security, also care about this aspect when it comes to health - 45% of them have private medical care. Almost the same number of them, because 41% of HENRYKS have a sports subscription, e.g. to a swimming pool. Out of possessed goods or liabilities, the highest ranking was - consumer credit or a loan, which concerns 44% of the respondents, while 40% is related to a housing loan.

The HENRY generation - will it change the purchasing mechanism?

Certainly, research on this newly awarded consumer group will be expanded. However, brands should now consider whether certain communication and sales processes should not be modified for this group or consider creating new communication channels and tools to reach the HENRY generation.