Debt turnover - how to effectively manage your receivables portfolio?


The financial liquidity crisis of many enterprises means that defaults may become a significant barrier to the smooth functioning of the Company's operations. A relatively convenient way to get rid of the problems with the debtor is to sell the receivables for cash. You have probably faced the choice of such a solution more than once. In order to meet many problems and questions related to the proper trading of receivables, the next, fifth edition of the meeting bringing together practitioners was organized.

In cooperation with many years of experts, a program has been created perfectly tailored to your needs. During the two-day meeting, the organizers will try to develop effective solutions ready for implementation in your organizations in a cozy atmosphere, appreciated by their guests for years.

The topics covered during the event will include:

  • Preparation for the sale of the receivables portfolio, dilemmas and decisions of the seller
    • Do we have to sell receivables?
    • Impact of the sale of receivables portfolios on the Company's image - How much is good PR worth
    • Surprises we want to avoid
    • What forms of sale do we take into account in terms of time, formalities and price
  • Sale of the NPL portfolio as part of the assignment of rights and obligations in a limited partnership
    • Tax benefits
  • Securitization fund - legal issues
    • Commencement of enforcement after purchasing the portfolio
  • Sale of corporate debt portfolios

  • Are mortgage-secured loans worth selling?
  • The perspective of a foreign investor in the sale of portfolios on the Polish market in 2009-2015
  • Turnover of receivables a factoring

The number of places during the 5th edition is strictly limited - the order of applications decides. BMS Polska certificates are honored by the National Chamber of Legal Advisers!

I cordially invite you to participate in this unique meeting in February 2016 at the Golden Tulip hotel in Warsaw!