Since when do you have to pay VAT on purchases on AliExpress?


As of July 1, there were changes to the taxation rules for purchases made abroad, including through the AliExpress, Amazon and eBay platforms. Due to the new regulations, concluded transactions will be subject to VAT. Are these the only changes? We explain in the article!

VAT on purchases on AliExpress

As a result of the changes that have been in force since July 1, all foreign purchases made, inter alia, on sales platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon or eBay will be much more expensive for the consumer due to the removal of the VAT exemption on imports throughout the European Union.

However, this is not the end of the changes, because the threshold of EUR 22 has also been abolished, below which goods purchased in third countries were, in principle, exempt from VAT.

In addition, shipments up to EUR 150 will also be subject to VAT, while those exceeding EUR 150, apart from being subject to VAT, will also be subject to additional customs duties.

Who to pay VAT on purchases on AliExpress

The current e-commerce package imposed additional obligations on postal operators in all EU countries. According to Poczta Polska: “The entry into force of the new regulations at the same time imposes new customs and tax obligations on postal operators in EU countries. From July, they will start, including Poczta Polska, to clear shipments that are duty-free up to EUR 150, but subject to VAT under the changed rules. In Poland, such postal items will be reported to the customs authorities by the Post Office to the AIS / e-commerce system. The changes introduced in Poland will also apply to parcels of higher value. From July 1, 2021, Poczta Polska will electronically report parcels with a value of EUR 150-1000 to the AIS / e-commerce system, subject not only to VAT, but also to customs duties”.

In addition, Poczta Polska is to offer recipients of shipments, a comprehensive service including customs and tax clearance of purchased goods, such activities will not require any actions from the recipient - the Post will perform all necessary activities and collect customs and tax duties in the amount calculated by National Tax Administration and the postage for making a customs declaration. Customs fees and VAT on purchases on AliExpress can be paid to the Polish Post Office when collecting the parcel, which is to offer a comprehensive service related to customs and tax clearance of purchased goods.

From when will I have to pay VAT on purchases on AliExpress?

The new regulations came into force on July 1, 2021. Therefore, goods purchased before that date will be taxed according to the current rules.