Deferment of PIT advance payments by six months - Ministry of Finance's proposal


After the entire territory of Poland was covered by the red zone, entrepreneurs - mainly in the catering, entertainment, fitness and retail sectors - had to partially or completely suspend their activities.

Forms of support in the Industry Shield 6.0

Industry Shield 6.0 is a new aid proposal for companies that have been most affected by the restrictions introduced as a result of the spreading coronavirus epidemic. As part of the new government project, entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the following forms of support:

  • exemptions from social security contributions;

  • apply for a subsidy in the amount of PLN 5,000;

  • obtaining a standstill benefit;

  • exemptions from the market fee for the entire year 2021.

Pit advance payments deferred by six months and the Industry Shield 6.0

According to the information provided by the head of the Ministry of Finance, the proposal to introduce an additional form of support under the Industry Shield 6.0 is also being considered, i.e. deferring the payment of PIT advances by six months, paid by employers. The exact date of implementation of the Sector Shield 6.0 project has not yet been officially announced.