Conversion optimization. How to increase your profits at a low cost?

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Are you trying to improve your website, you care about the right selection of keywords, but are you still not very satisfied with the conversion? You absolutely need to analyze all the factors contributing to the unsatisfactory results. On its basis, conversion optimization should be performed. It is the optimization of your conversion rate that can make you profitable at a low cost!

What is conversion optimization?

At the outset, it is important to discuss exactly what the conversion itself is and why it is so important.

Conversion is a specific, measurable activity of an internet user on a website. A conversion may be, for example, signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product or adding it to a basket, liking a given brand's page on Facebook, registering on the website or downloading a file from it.

As mentioned, conversion is a measurable activity - its effectiveness is expressed by the conversion rate. Most often, it expresses the ratio of the number of conversions on a given page to the number of its views. Conversion optimization is actually Converse Rate Optimization (CRO). It consists in adjusting the website in such a way that it makes it easier for visitors to perform a specific action and encourages them to do so.

Why is CRO so important?

The conversion rate is most often associated with a specific financial gain. Suppose your website has a conversion rate of 2% - 20 out of 1,000 visitors to your website decide to buy a product on your website. Its price is PLN 200, so with 30 people you get PLN 4,000. However, if the conversion rate could be improved by two percentage points - then the profit would double and amounted to PLN 8,000.

Conversion optimization allows you to significantly increase profits with relatively little cost.

Step one - good research

At the very beginning of your optimization attempt, you should get the relevant information. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the current choices and actions of people visiting your website. It is also good to know their opinion about the interaction with the website, whether it is readable for them and whether they easily find interesting elements. You can also use specialized analysis tools, such as showing your site's heatmaps, which are areas that draw visitors' attention. It is also worth trying to prepare a small survey, thanks to which you will collect user opinions about the site.

What can be changed?

Conversion optimization may involve changes to various elements. They can include, among others the graphic layout of the entire website, the appearance and placement of call-to-action buttons, the content of texts on the website and their legibility, contact form for visitors, navigation on the website, user action paths.

There are quite a few fields to act, and we need to figure out which changes will be the most important for increasing the conversion rate.Once you've identified what you want to change and drafted those changes, you'll need to see if they hit the spot. The current layout may not be clear enough, the c-t-a buttons placed side by side and not highlighted, and the texts may not attract the attention of visitors. It's high time to change it for the better!

Conversion optimization - verification of ideas

A / B tests or multivariate tests seem to be invaluable in verifying the effectiveness of new elements on the website. Different groups of users will test different versions of the page at the same time (without knowing it). After a certain duration of such a test, it is checked which version brought the higher conversion rate. Better stays, worse or worse fall off. Such tests, and in particular the A / B test, allow you to accurately check the effectiveness of a new element for the conversion rate, and the use of a test on the "winner" page almost always translates into an increase in conversion.

Of course, apart from the A / B and multivariate testing, there are many similar tools to test the changes you want to make. They are often related to specific components of the page - e.g. graphics, content or navigation.


Try to make your website personalized in some way. Find out who her guests are and what interests them. Based on this data, try to distinguish several groups of visitors and adjust the content to their requirements or interests. A matched ad or text has a very positive effect on your conversion rate.

Conversion optimization is not difficult - but remember to pay special attention to user behavior on the website and their preferences. Challenge the opinions of your website visitors and draw good conclusions from them. If you have thoroughly analyzed everything and positively verified all good ideas, you can quickly multiply your profits. Also remember that conversion optimization measures also positively evaluate your brand and its awareness.