Abandoned places of Poland - urban exploration in summer!

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Abandoned places have a mysterious atmosphere that attracts many people. We are curious to know what the story was like before. Often, such places also attract fans of thrills - it cannot be denied that many such objects are considered haunted. Therefore, urban exploration, also known as urbex, is becoming more and more popular. New videos documenting visiting such places are popping up online like mushrooms after the rain. What is urban exploration? What abandoned places in Poland are worth seeing? Do we suggest?

What is urbex - urban exploration?

Urban exploration, commonly known as urbex, is about visiting and exploring places that seemingly no one notices anymore - abandoned, inaccessible places. People who get to know cities or countries in this way want to show how interesting they are, how interesting they contain. But what is the key? The rule is that during urbex nothing changes in a given place, you do not take valuable valuables (unless it turns out to be historic and it should definitely go to the museum), you do not steal, respect the place and try to keep it in such condition as you found them.

Urbex is becoming more and more popular because abandoned places have a specific, attractive atmosphere. You might think that this is the perfect activity for fans of fear and horror movies - after all, abandoned and haunted places seem naturally connected. However, such places can also be a pearl of architecture, carry an extraordinary history that can be learned only thanks to the objects left in a given place. There are plenty of such places, it is worth remembering about them. What abandoned places in Poland should be marked on holiday maps?

The dangers of urbex

Before we present the abandoned places of Poland, which are definitely worth getting acquainted with, it should also be mentioned that such trips can be dangerous and you need to be aware of it. Not all facilities are open to the public. It happens that experienced explorers break into them, bypassing security, escaping from it. Occasionally, they ignore arrays indicating that an object may collapse.

If we want to start our adventure with urbex, we must remember that our safety is the most important. When the facility is protected and we would like to visit it - let's try to get permission - from the owners, security guards. Often you can get along with them and visit the place without any problems.

Even if the place has no cameras or security, but we are informed everywhere about the possibility of a collapse, we should not force ourselves into the building. Let's take care of our health and life. Old buildings like this have many dangers. Sometimes they are so interesting and fascinating that it is enough to look at them from the outside than to risk it. Urbex can be dangerous and it is worth getting ready before you decide to use it.

It is also worth taking care of your outfit, sometimes thick-soled shoes or gloves may be useful. We do not know what we can stand on, what we touch, we should be careful in this regard. And we certainly shouldn't touch with our bare hands something that looks dangerous, that could hurt us. Let's be careful, only then exploring abandoned places in Poland and the world can be pleasant.

Abandoned places in Poland - what is worth seeing?

So what abandoned places in Poland are worth seeing? We advise!

Hospital in Poznań

Abandoned hospitals are a treat for every urbex lover. It often happens that the specific atmosphere of this place remains in them for some time. Hospitals are usually full of pain and suffering, so it happens that being in such a place that is already abandoned brings a lot of emotions. They are also often very interesting buildings in terms of architecture.

The abandoned hospital in Poznań is located near the Old Market Square. Initially, it was the Multidisciplinary City Hospital of J. Strusia, when it was abandoned, the premises (although some were leased) began to deteriorate. Unfortunately, looters also reached this place and took out everything that could be sold. Additionally, it is a meeting place for the homeless and young people.

Kępalski Palace in Wola Boglewska

Palaces are also largely abandoned places in Poland. Many of them, beautiful in terms of architecture, are decaying, neglected and forgotten. In our article, we mention as many as 3 such buildings. The first is the Kępalski Palace in Wola Boglewska. It is a beautiful building where the school was located until 2008. Unfortunately, this facility has been deteriorating for 10 years.

Built in the Renaissance style, it is difficult to pass by indifferently. Inside, however, it is a bit worse, the walls are covered with oil paint, the building is in worse and worse condition. However, there are places worth seeing - a staircase, a fireplace and beautiful stoves.

Donkey's Palace

Osła is a village in Lower Silesia, located near the town of Bolesławiec. The abandoned palace in it definitely deserves a visit.It is a large, beautiful building that impresses with its appearance, although it is impossible not to notice how damaged it is. It has two levels. You can easily go around it and watch it from all sides.

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Palace in Wojcieszów Górny

The palace in Wojcieszów Górny in Lower Silesia looks very impressive. It is very large, in some respects it may resemble a castle. It was built at the end of the 16th century, so it has a centuries-old history. He managed to survive the Second World War, in later years it was one of the buildings of the University of Łódź, then it was taken over by the PGR and other institutions. The palace was renovated at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s. It passed into the hands of a private owner who fell into debt, and the palace was taken over by a bailiff. The building was to be renovated in 2012, but the work has not been completed. Currently, the place is deteriorating, and two years ago the owner was accused of it.

Prison in Łęczyca

The prison in Łęczyca was once considered the heaviest in Poland. The conditions in it were very bad, it was overcrowded. It was hot in the cells, prisoners were allowed to bathe only once a week, they slept on the floors. During the martial law period, political prisoners were held here. Nobody managed to escape from this place.

Today the prison is abandoned, however, it can be visited. Its climate attracts tourists. In addition, this place is also popular with artists who use it to record videos, take photos, etc.

Willa Gąsecki in Józefów

At Nadwiślańska Street in Józefów, there is a beautiful Gąsecki villa, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the romantic style. It is included in the list of monuments - no wonder - it looks amazing, it is a real gem of architecture. It is definitely worth seeing live!

Urbex - although it can be dangerous - is certainly fascinating and that is why it attracts so many people. The atmosphere of abandoned places is difficult to describe, so it is worth feeling it in person at least once and perhaps a taste of this way of visiting cities and countries!