Personality influences your career

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Each of us is a unique individual. This is because of personality, which can be defined as relatively constant traits, dispositions and qualities. It influences our individual behavior, program of actions, thinking, and even the course of our professional career. As an introverted person, are we doomed to work in the privacy of an office, and thus a career path devoid of spectacular promotions? Or maybe we should use what we are like to achieve the planned goals in a suitable way for us? Check in our article how personality influences your professional career!

MBTI personality types

There are many theories of personality. One of them is the MBTI (ang. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). According to her, people have certain preferences regarding the disposal of their own energy, action, gathering information, and making choices. Four dimensions have been distinguished on the basis of which as many as 16 types of personality are formed:

  • E-I dimension - extraversion and introversion (where do you get your energy, what do you focus your attention on),
  • S-N dimension - cognition and intuition (how do you collect information),
  • T-F dimension - thinking vs. feeling (what is your decision-making style),
  • J-P dimension - judgment and observation (how do you deal with reality, how you live and work).

Depending on the intensity of the individual characteristics of the above four dimensions, different personality types emerge. It should be remembered, however, that the concept of MBTI does not assume the immutability of personality. The authors of the concept believed that personality evolves and does not remain the same throughout our lives. If we work on our character traits, it will be possible, for example, to make a change in the way we make decisions and transform from an analytical type into an intuitive one.

Personality and professional success

Molly Owens of the American organization Truity Psychometrics, which deals with personal development in the field of professional development, conducted a study to assess the impact of personality on the career path. After testing approx. 26 thousand. Owens people came to the conclusion that the personality type influencing our behavior is directly related to the achievement of professional success. However, the researcher emphasized that if you have, for example, non-entrepreneurial character traits, you cannot break down that you will not achieve anything in your life. Contrary. You should use your qualities in such a way that they allow us to gain the perfect professional position.

The results of the study conducted by Owens are summarized in the table below.


Personality type


Job profile

Architect (INTJ)

creative, thinks strategically, has a plan for everything

  • earns more if he runs his own business,
  • he doesn't like working from home

Logic (INTP)

hungry for knowledge, innovative creator

  • preferring self-employment,
  • prefers working in the office than at home,
  • men and women with this personality type earn almost the same

Commander (ENTJ)

brave, inventive, always finding or creating solutions

  • has a predisposition to manage a project team,
  • tolerates temporary unemployment well,
  • he earns more by running his own business

Discussant (ENTP)

bright and curious thinker who loves intellectual skirmishes

  • preferring self-employment,
  • earns more if he works from home,
  • he doesn't like working remotely

Lawyer (INFJ)

quiet and mysterious, but very inspiring idealist

  • greater efficiency is achieved by working remotely,
  • attorneys and barristers earn about the same

Mediator (INFP)

kind and helpful person who is able to devote himself to an important cause

  • low earnings,
  • people suitable for remote work,
  • preferring self-employment

Supporter (ENFJ)

charismatic and inspiring leader who can influence the audience

  • has a predisposition to manage a team,
  • achieves high job satisfaction,
  • cannot cope with remote work

Activist (ENFP)

an enthusiastic, creative and very open person, with a positive attitude towards the world

  • earns more if he runs his own business,
  • achieves average full-time earnings and is moderately satisfied with their work,
  • activists earn much less than activists

Logistics (ISTJ)

a practical individualist who bases his thinking on facts

  • has people management skills,
  • does not prefer self-employment, but if he runs a business, he earns more,
  • copes badly with temporary unemployment

Defender (ISFJ)

a dedicated defender who will stand up for loved ones

  • prefers working at home,
  • he does not intend to run his own business

Manager (ESTJ)

excellent administrator, unmatched in people management

  • has the highest income of all personality types,
  • men earn much more,
  • copes badly with temporary unemployment

Consul (ESFJ)

extremely caring, open and popular person, always willing to help

  • achieves the highest job satisfaction of all personality types,
  • high income,
  • likes to work remotely

Virtuoso (ISTP)

a brave and practical experimenter, a master in his trade

  • low earnings,
  • does not prefer running his own business,
  • does not get satisfaction from work

Adventurer (ISFP)

flexible, charming artist, always eager to discover new things

  • have no predisposition to run their own business,
  • eagerly works at home,
  • does not work as a leader

Entrepreneur (ESTP)

a bright, energetic person who is not afraid to take risks

  • achieves high income, but does not derive satisfaction from work,
  • does not like to work remotely,
  • has a predisposition to manage a project team

Comedian (ESFP)

spontaneous, energetic and entertaining person, thanks to whom life is never boring

  • prefers remote work,
  • does not want to run a business,
  • he enjoys the work he undertakes, but his earnings are quite low

Get to know your personality and manage your career

To have a real impact on the course of your professional career, you need to get to know yourself. You can graduate from a reputable university, be a member of many student organizations, take many courses, be fluent in five languages, and you will not be able to effectively manage your professional life. Your personality type will tell you what path you should take. Perhaps you are not good at working remotely, but you are an excellent speaker and as a coach you will achieve great success.


If you want to know your personality type, go to a psychologist. Don't use online personality tests. Only a psychologist has the right to conduct a standardized and standardized test, thanks to which a reliable assessment of your personality will be made.