Perfume - how to choose the right one for you?

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Theoretically, buying a perfume may seem simple. Eventually we go into the perfumery, smell a few fragrances, choose the best one and buy it, right? However, unfortunately, if we want to choose perfumes that we will be really satisfied with, it is worth prolonging the entire procedure a bit. First of all, remember that to really get to know the fragrance, you should wear it for at least a few hours, so trying a few or even a dozen perfumes at the same time is not a good idea. Sprinkling the paper will also not have the desired effect. It is best to apply the fragrance on the wrist.

Why is it all so important? If we want to buy a good perfume, we have to spend a specific, usually quite a lot of money on it. So it would be a pity to throw money down the drain, buying it on impulse or with a nice bottle, and then not use it at all. Is it possible to buy perfumes blind? Is a fragrance as a gift a good idea? You will find the answers to these and other questions by reading this article.

Is buying perfume blind a good idea?

Blind purchases can definitely go wrong. Nowadays, we buy everything online, so choosing perfumes in this way seems almost obvious, but before we decide on something - let's try it. Let's go to the perfumery or order samples. They are usually inexpensive, and thanks to them we can know exactly the fragrance we want to buy. Of course, you can try when buying perfumes based on the description, but remember that they will smell different on each body, so the description may not be sufficient. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, let's try to get to know the smell.

Perfume as a gift?

When buying a perfume as a gift, it can be similar to the blind selection. First of all, if we decide to give a bottle to someone, we must know exactly the taste of the recipient. It's best to check or simply ask what fragrance is her favorite or go shopping with her. Then we will be sure that we will present something that will really come in handy. Alternatively, you can also ask about your favorite fragrance note. Although this is how we can narrow the field of search.

Favorite fragrance note

We distinguish 5 fragrance notes that are worth knowing before buying a perfume blind or as a gift.

  • Fresh (green) - these are citrus fragrances, fresh, very light, more often chosen by young, active people. Fragrances are not associated with elegance, but rather with a sporty, loose, delicate style.
  • Floral - considering how many flowers and fragrances can be included in this category, it is difficult to precisely define it, but usually this note is described as romantic. It can be slightly rose, with the addition of strawberry or bergamot. They are rather sweet fragrances. It is worth paying attention to the group of flowers in this note, then it is easier to imagine what perfume we are dealing with.
  • Fruity - in this fragrance, as in the floral one, the cross-section may be so wide that it is difficult to define it precisely, but usually they are sweet or sweet and sour, which easily evaporate to leave a fresh perfume note on the skin.
  • Woody - these are warm, very heavy fragrances, which are usually chosen by mature people. They last for a very long time.
  • Oriental - oriental fragrances are heavy, sometimes even suffocating, described as sensual, such as musk or vanilla.

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Perfume Selection - 3 fragrance notes

How long do you choose the perfume? You need to know that sniffing your wrist just after spraying it may not reflect the depth of the scent. Perfumes smell different after some time and you should take this into account when choosing. There are three notes of the fragrance - head note, heart and base note. What is going on?

  • Top note - is a fragrance that you smell immediately after spraying your body. It lasts up to about half an hour, it is the most intense.
  • The heart note - it is the most important note, because then the perfume is combined with the scent of our body. It is said that the same perfume smells different on each person, and this is true. That is why it is worth feeling how the fragrance matches us. It may turn out that everything is fine at first, and after a while we are not at all delighted. The heart note lasts for about 4 hours.
  • Base - is a fragrance that stays with us the longest. It is also worth knowing, but it may not be easy, because perfumes that are already on the body for a few hours may not be felt by us.

How intense can the fragrance be?

There is also the question of the intensity of the fragrance. It is worth paying attention to the markings.

  • Perfume (parfum) - about 25 to 40% of fragrance oils dissolved in strong alcohol.
  • Eau de parfum (eau de parfum) - approx. 10 to 15% of oils dissolved with a much lower alcohol content.
  • Toilet water (eau de toilette) - maximum 10% of oils dissolved with alcohol.
  • Cologne (eau de cologne) - 2 to 5% of oils dissolved with alcohol.
  • Mist (eau fraiche) - maximum 3% of oils dissolved with alcohol.

With these tips, choosing a perfume should be much easier, even when it is done blind. It is worth knowing certain markings on the bottles or in the description to be sure that we are buying something that we will really use. Good perfume is a big expense for a reason, and usually, when we spend more money on something, we want it to be of the highest quality. The same is certainly true for perfumes.

We should remember to follow our own taste and not listen to the opinions of other people, because we will be dealing with the fragrance every day and we should like it first and foremost. Let's also spend more time choosing and be patient, which will certainly pay off.