Personal branding - are you a strong brand?

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Are you thinking about changing your job? Are you just starting to build your professional career? In each of these cases, one thing is known - it is worth distinguishing yourself from other candidates. But what to do to get to the interview? How to charm recruiters and get your dream job? The only effective solution is to develop an image that is right for you, and all activities in this area are the so-called personal branding. Get to know the details of the definition and plan yourself!

Personal branding - what is it?

Personal branding is building your own image based on a developed and specific strategy. The goal is to create your personal brand that will gain recognition in your environment. It is often said that it is best to summarize this definition by assuming that a personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room, so referring to these words it can be concluded that it is worthwhile for them to talk about us as best as possible.

In the field of personal branding, various means are used to build and promote your brand - from entries on social networks, through the style of dress, to the manner of expression, and even creating a CV. Personal branding can still be associated with leaders, politicians or celebrities, but nothing prevents it from being used by anyone, also in the context of job search. The more that in the era of ubiquitous Internet, all activities related to self-promotion become much more simple.

The 5 most important benefits of personal branding

Building a personal brand is a well-planned and fully thought-out process of managing your image, which has a large impact on your professional life. Its implementation is supported by a number of benefits, among which it is worth highlighting the most important ones:

  1. You can make business contacts easier.

  2. You build your credibility in the eyes of others.

  3. You will gain trust in the context of your statements.

  4. You can strengthen the image of your employer.

  5. You have greater self-confidence and increase your freedom of expression.

How to prepare a professional CV based on personal branding?

The phrase that best describes what personal branding is is "stand out". This principle is reflected precisely among potential candidates who apply for their dream job. So it's no surprise that the first step to getting attention is to create a unique CV that grabs the attention of recruiters. Before you start preparing them, it is worth reading the following personal branding tips. By using them, you have an advantage right from the start! There is a high probability that your CV will be noticed by the recruiter!

Start with the title

It is good practice to include your title and career goal in your CV. It is worth distinguishing it and thinking it over carefully. It is very important to include a short description summarizing our achievements so far or a brief summary of the most important goals for you. Importantly, you also need to remember that your goals should coincide with the declaration made in the title. It is not worth coloring and exaggerating your successes. We recommend ensuring the consistency of the documents sent.

Highlight your achievements so far

Show the prospective employer how you are pursuing the goal specified in the title. Include a summary of the most important career achievements in your CV - show off the accolades and awards you have received so far. These are your five minutes - make the most of them!

Ideas instead of responsibilities?

A very good and more and more frequently used practice is to include a few sentences in your CV that would describe the initiatives you have carried out in the previously held positions. You do not have to give up your current duties and job descriptions. It is enough to properly supplement the description with your own initiatives. There are also some features that made it possible for you to accomplish these tasks.

Provide a link to your website

Recruiters most often view the submitted CVs on the monitors. It's worth taking advantage of it! Make your CV interactive or even multimedia. All you need to do is include links in it that will link to your portfolio, Linkedin profile or your own website. You can also attach a link to a short presentation about yourself or to a video that will be your alternative to your cover letter. A properly prepared link can also give you information if your CV has already been opened and viewed!

The power of reference

References from former colleagues are always welcome. It's a good idea to include short quotes from the references you received in your CV. They will also help you build your image in the eyes of a potential employer. With such a procedure, you show how you are perceived as an employee and what you were valued for in the previous company.

Social media and personal branding

In the era of ubiquitous Internet, in which social networking sites play an increasingly important role, it is important to take care of the content posted there. More and more recruiters use the network to get to know a potential candidate better and better. After all, it is no secret that a lot of information about a person can be found on the Internet. Thanks to the profiles on Facebook or Instagram, which can also be accessed by other users, you can learn a lot, for example about the interests themselves. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the posted photos, posts or comments are fully thought out and remember that the future employer may also have access to the shared materials.