Company stamp - what data should be indicated


Although a company seal is not required by law, it is useful for entrepreneurs in the market. Many official forms are used for it, even though its possession is not required theoretically. The company seal usually plays an informative role, allowing the identification of the company. What information should be included on the stamp and why?

What data should be found on the stamp is determined by related regulations, which indicate what information about the company should appear in letters and commercial orders, as well as in contacts with state institutions. The seal will be used mainly in such situations.


Private Limited company.

A sole proprietorship

company name

Number nip

HQ adress

REGON number



Share capital


KRS number and registration court


Company stamp with the name / first name and surname of the entrepreneur

A limited company may provide the full wording of the name on the company's stamp. However, for reasons of legibility, the abbreviated name is usually used in this situation, provided that its use was notified during the registration of the company. In the case of sole proprietorships, the company is primarily the first and last name of the entrepreneur. Therefore, it should absolutely be on the company seal. If in the CEIDG-1 registration application the entrepreneur has submitted an additional name apart from the name and surname, he may also include it in the company name.

Company stamp with tax identification number

Art. 20 of the Act, the entrepreneurs' law states that in legal and economic transactions an entrepreneur should use the tax identification number - NIP. Therefore, all letters or statements should, in addition to the company name, also contain the tax identification number.

Company stamp with the address of the registered office

The data on the company's seat should be adequate to the addresses provided in the business registration applications. In the case of sole proprietorship, if the seat has not been indicated, the address of the entrepreneur should be provided.

Company seal without REGON number

For several years now, there has been no obligation to confuse the REGON number on the company stamp. Such an obligation was previously imposed by the Act on Public Statistics. However, after the amendments, this provision disappeared, therefore, no statistical number is required on the stamp anymore.

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Company stamp and additional information

It is allowed to provide additional information on the stamp. As an additional element, they mainly function as an advertisement. The most common are:

  • Phone number;

  • e-mail address;

  • website address.

In the case of companies with limited activities, an addition is often made to the amount of the share capital and the KRS number. It results directly from the provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies (Art. 206), which says that commercial letters and orders should contain, in addition to basic data, information about the share capital and the registration court. In practice, instead of placing additional data on the company's stamp, they use the so-called letterhead, on which all the data specified in the regulations are included in the footer.