Autumn skin care - how to do it?

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Our skin is susceptible to many factors. It can become oversensitive and dry, e.g. due to smoking, sunbathing, using the wrong cosmetics or using detergents without gloves. Although it is worth taking care of it all year round, in autumn and winter it requires exceptional, intensive care. First of all, we need to regenerate it after months in which the sun was extremely intense. Proper skin care will allow us to delay the aging process and we will not feel the unpleasant consequences of hypersensitivity.

Skin care: is my skin sensitive?

Most of all, sensitive skin requires intensive care in autumn… ie what? First, it is very dry, often red and irritated. Lack of hydration makes it peel and itchy. After a bath or other contact with water, we have the impression that it is very stretched.

Hypersensitivity is a reversible condition, so we can fix everything as long as we do not skip skin care in our daily duties.

Why is skin care so important in the fall?

We usually do not let go of our skin during the summer months. We expose it to the sun for long hours, which may cause it to become discolored, dry, and may develop allergies. Fall is the time when we can bring her back to normal.

In addition, the skin is sensitive to changes in temperature, while the cold months mean that we often leave a hot room in very cold air. Additionally, we wear hats or scarves, which also irritate our skin.Probably everyone who wears a hat has to scratch his forehead a lot, for example. The skin is constantly rubbed by the material.

In autumn, we relax in the bathtub more often, taking a hot bath. It is worth knowing that such long soaking of the skin at high temperatures also harms our body.

All these factors make skin care in autumn extremely important.

Step by step skin care

You already know if your skin is sensitive and why. So let's take the appropriate steps. What's important?

  1. Moisturizing.

Good hydration will delay the skin aging process. Besides, nothing will bother us and itch. We will get rid of the unpleasant feeling of tension.

  1. Suitable washing agents.

All gels and soaps should contain nutrients, otherwise we degrease the skin.

  1. Good composition of creams.

Cosmetics should contain petroleum jelly, vegetable oils or lanolin and vitamins.

  1. Peeling.

Exfoliation of old epidermis helps the skin, thanks to which it absorbs creams faster and better.

  1. Water.

Humidifying only the outside will not be effective. We must drink water, which will also take care of the condition of our skin.

  1. Masks.

Apply an intensely moisturizing mask once or twice a week.

  1. Supplements.

If the skin condition is really bad, let's buy supplements that will help us with care.

Let's not underestimate skin care. It protects internal organs, prevents dehydration, protects against viruses and thermoregulates the body. It will fulfill its function completely if we take care of it properly. Especially in autumn and cold weather, when the temperatures are not favorable and the skin is recovering after long months of intense sun.