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The online store is governed by similar rules as a traditional store - it is primarily about the transaction itself. There is a salesperson who offers a certain product and the customer buys it and pays it. In the e-commerce industry, it is exactly the same, with the only difference that we do not receive money for the service directly. Everything is done online. The money is transferred in a virtual way from the customer's account to the store's account. It would seem that there are a number of related threats, but this fear is not entirely justified. When deciding to run an online store, you should not only take care of the appropriate software, but also pay special attention to the e-commerce payment system, because the security of transactions depends on it.

Types of payments in e-commerce

There are many possibilities and you should read them all to be able to adjust them to your preferences. You have to consider our potential customers first and foremost. If they are elderly people, it is best to choose the simplest and least complicated payment system.When our offer is addressed to young people who value convenience and speed, let's choose, for example, payment via SMS. Below are several types of e-commerce payments that we can offer to the customer:


  1. transfers - also known as fast transfers. It is the most successful payment method and is most often used in e-commerce. The entire transaction runs smoothly and does not require too much commitment, so even an elderly person is able to cope with the payment. The customer logs in to his bank, authorizes the payment, but all other data is filled in automatically, there is no mistake. Accounting takes place immediately, so the purchased product can be sent immediately after making the transfer.
  2. electronic wallet - it is also called e-wallet. The Internet user has to log in with the selected provider, then receives an account to which he pays money. The further procedure looks like a regular payment for the service. At any time when we make a purchase, we can use the wallet and transfer money from our account to another. The whole transaction is done very quickly and the money is transferred instantly. The service is usually free, in some cases it may involve a 1% commission. This type of payment works exactly like a traditional wallet only virtually:
    • deposits and withdrawals - just like physically inserting and withdrawing cash
    • pinning payment cards - that is, the traditional keeping of the card in the wallet
    • transferring funds between different e-wallets - in fact it is transferring cash between people or transferring them to another wallet
  3. SMS payment - this type of e-commerce payment is most often used by young people who do not part with their smartphones. We can also come across such a system in online stores where we have limited possibilities of viewing the offer. If we want to learn more about specific products, we send an SMS with the content provided on the website and receive an access code for a specified period of time.
  4. card payments - unlike making everyday payments, this form is still not very popular and relatively rarely practiced. We are a cautious society and we are afraid to tell anyone the card number in addition to the code. Few, however, believe that it is the safest form of online payment. It protects against chargebacks at the seller's expense.


Payment systems in e-commerce - comparison

As you can see, there are many e-commerce payment systems in Poland. However, not all platforms integrate with the best of them. Therefore, when choosing a software, you should pay special attention to whether it has the ability to support the payment system you are interested in. In this way, we will avoid further problems related to the payment of services or goods of our company, and we will ensure its safety at the start. The most popular and ranked online payment systems are presented below:

  • Dotpay - undoubtedly one of the best systems. It enjoys great recognition and popularity among Internet users. It has been on the market since 2001, so it has managed to gain the trust of its customers. Dotpay allows you to make payments through many channels, and thus everyone is able to adjust the type of payment to their liking. It supports payment cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club International, JCB, MasterCard Mobile, PayPal and Ukash e-wallets, E-transfers from 22 banks and many mobile payments. However, there are commissions, the amount of which depends on the company's turnover, transaction value and type of activity. It ranges from 1% to 2.2%. It is also important that the service is happy to help with any problems and is available on working days from 8am to 4pm.

  • Przelewy24 - also an interesting payment system, the more so as it is one of the DialCom24 companies that creates software designed for a wider group of business and individual customers. This increases the possibilities of this system, which increases its value in the eyes of both sellers and customers. Przelewy24 offers online transfers from as many as 32 banks, supports VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, PolCard payment cards as well as E-wallets and mobile payments. Commissions are lower than in the case of Dotpay - they range from 1.4 to 1.9%. The service is also extremely fast and works efficiently, which certainly facilitates cooperation. After sending the form by e-mail, you will receive a reply within one hour.

  • - has a good opinion, but the offer of this system is not as rich as the previous two. However, it must attract customers with something, since so many companies willingly use it - high transaction security and easy payment management, which is possible in the proprietary system. Payment channels are similar to those used by Przelewy24 and Dotpay: e-transfers from 35 banks, PayPal e-wallet, mobile payments and payment cards service Elavon, VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diner's Club, JCB. For some, too high commissions may be a downside. However, the costs are clearly presented in the tables, so the company does not hide any additional fees. When using, we have to take into account a commission of 1.9-2.7%. Another disadvantage is that the waiting time for a response from the company is too long. The pluses, however, include very accurate and detailed information sent in response to customer questions.

  • PayU - the youngest e-commerce payment broker with the least experience and the poorest offer. This does not sound appealing, but it is not worth crossing it out right away. It arouses great trust among customers, because it is used by the Allegro online store, through which thousands of Internet users shop every day. In this system, it is possible to make a transfer from 22 banks and use PayU online installments. The system supports VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards. The fact that the commission for new users for the first 3 months is 0% is encouraging, but after that time it must be remembered that later it may increase to 2.2-2.5%. In the case of PayU installments, the commission is 0% throughout the contract period.

  • Payeezy - this platform offers the most popular payment methods, i.e. quick transfers, e-wallets or payment cards. The portal is constantly evolving and at this point it offers the possibility of paying for services in 29 currencies. There is no subscription fee, and the amount of the commission is agreed individually with the client. There are also post-contract bonuses that are tailored and consulted with the customer.

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E-commerce payments - tips for the undecided

We understand that the choice may not be easy. For some, low commissions are important, for others safety, and for some, a rich offer and a wide selection of payment channels in e-commerce. In order to make the right choice, particular attention should be paid to the following aspects:

  • customer opinions about a given platform - it is important that the portal has good ratings and comments. Choose a trusted partner and you will save yourself trouble.

  • available payment methods - at least the most popular and those that have a chance for development in the near future should be available. E-transfers are currently at the top of this list, but e-wallets, card payments and mobile payments are becoming their worthy competitors.

  • clearly and clearly described fees - commissions are usually inevitable, but it is worth knowing about them earlier than when making the transaction.

  • integration with the store - as mentioned before, you should check whether the payment system can be integrated with our platform for the online store.

  • safe and easy implementation process - you need to make sure that you will receive the company's support in the implementation and that you will be able to use the help of professionals during use.

  • friendly reporting system - the list of completed transactions and booked payments should be ordered and clearly compiled. Thanks to constant verification, it will be easier for you to control payments and manage your budget.

Make sure the system is secure and constantly monitored. You can't keep wondering if your and your clients' money is safe and is safe for them.