Will a fluent conversation affect customer relations?

Service Business

When running a company that bases its services on telephone contact, we should know what to pay special attention to in order to interest the recipient with our service or product. Few people realize how important the fluency of the conversation is. It is the fluent conversation that influences the positive relationship with the client.

Fluent conversation with the client - where to start?

At the very beginning of the conversation, we should make sure that the person we are talking to has time to listen to our offer. Its presentation is pointless when the client is at work or shopping. Many people answer the phone even when they cannot talk. Why is this happening? There are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon. Very often, the recipient waits for an important call, for example from the office, from work or from a doctor, and automatically answers every incoming call. When we present our offer and the potential client does not have enough time to analyze it thoroughly, 90% will answer that he is not interested. What else should you pay attention to during a telephone conversation? It seems a good idea to write down the most important points that you want to convey in the conversation. You should also remember to use the language of benefits and appropriate phrases. Of course, the basis when talking to a potential client is to maintain high personal culture. Even if the recipient is arrogant towards us. Professionalism is the most important. News about our company spreads very quickly and with time no one will answer our calls.

Fluent conversation with the customer can affect the business relationship

If we call a business client, it is worth checking carefully what a given company does in advance. We can use information available on the Internet. It very often happens that the business profile does not refer to our offer in any way. After all, the domestic transport company will not want to buy a pizza oven or plotter from us. It is also worth paying attention to the achievements of a given company, for example won competitions or received decorations. Knowing about them, we will be able to congratulate you on your achievements at the beginning of the conversation and smoothly refer to the offered product or service. Once we present our business proposal, it is worth trying to finalize the sale immediately. Research carried out by Cal.pl shows that one of the most effective tools to facilitate sales is the multiple yes method, consisting in asking quick closed questions, for example "Don't you think that our hosting solution will facilitate the daily work of creating websites for your clients?”However, it is worth remembering that asking suggestive questions may have counterproductive effects and alienate the recipient.

Remember to be positive

When talking to a potential client, we should remember about a positive attitude. The recipient should not feel that we are calling him out of force. We must be cheerful, present our offer fluently and not force a response. Remember, however, that our goal is to sell a given service or product. You have to find a balance when asking questions to close the sale. Following the above advice will certainly have a positive impact on customer relations, and will allow us to make more comfortable calls to people who, in most cases, do not expect them.