Why does the company need a secretariat?

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The first place that the company's contractors or media representatives come into contact with - the secretariat - is often treated lightly by managers and other senior employees.On the other hand, people visiting the company's headquarters associate it with a position drowning in a pile of various letters and documents. This stereotype is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to the use of the Internet, and above all, e-mail, there are rarely piles of letters and contracts on the secretaries' desks. The functions of the place itself are also changing. In this article, you will learn what they are and why the company should have a secretariat.

What is the secretariat?

The secretariat is the information center of every enterprise. This is where the news from the company's external environment reaches him. Not all of them have the same importance for the company, therefore a person working as an assistant must pre-select, organize, compile or archive them.

The secretariat is also a very important link in the company's internal communication. In this case, it serves as its logistics center. The information selected in the processes described above then circulates between: the management board and individual departments, people responsible for customer service, as well as the rest of the employees.

In addition, the secretariat largely determines the first impression that the client will get when visiting a given company.

Secretarial functions in the company

The secretariat plays primarily three key roles in any enterprise:

  • communication - helps in the internal flow of information, as well as maintaining proper relationships,
  • organizational - performs all activities that contribute to its proper operation,
  • image - builds the external image of the company.

Characteristics of communication at the secretariat or reception desk of the enterprise

As described above, the secretariat should play a communication role in the company. In order to implement it correctly, it is necessary to ensure that communication is fast, efficient and multilateral. For this purpose, the secretary should choose words and gestures precisely and sparingly. You should also remember about the proper planning of activities, because often several matters must be settled on the same, urgent time. In addition, the secretary should be able to divide attention, be able to coordinate many tasks at once, and perform her tasks dynamically.

The secretary also has a significant influence on the atmosphere inside the company. The organizational culture of the company is largely shaped by the way the assistant communicates with other employees. It is often up to her how bad news is received.

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The secretariat also plays a very important role in solving stressful situations in the company. In this case, the person working in it should communicate in an understandable, composed and assertive way.

In conclusion, the secretariat is an indispensable element of any business. Its effective activities can provide the company with good circulation of appropriately selected information, proper internal communication, and a positive image in the external environment - especially in the eyes of current and potential customers.