Cutting employees' wings - what is not motivating?

Service Business

Every boss wants his employees to develop, after all, the team is often the most important pillar of the company, responsible for its success. For that to be the case, it is necessary to ensure an atmosphere of trust, support and openness as well as an appropriate incentive system. Unfortunately, it may happen that we unknowingly become motivation killers. Cutting wings for employees can take place even when we are not aware of it. What can make the motivation in the team diminish or even completely disappear? We will try to answer this question in this article.

What is the behavior of cutting wings for employees?

What actions do we use to inhibit the team's motivation to act? What does undercutting the wings look like for employees? There are a number of behaviors that should be avoided if we want the work in the company to be more effective and the team as involved as possible.

Let's look more broadly

As already mentioned, the right incentive system is extremely important. However, to be effective, it must be the best fit for employees. Unfortunately, we often only think what is good, because it would motivate us. To create a system that works, you need to carefully examine your team's needs. Perhaps we love going to the movies, and if we got tickets to screenings, our motivation to work would increase, but what if our employees do not like such entertainment? The next free tickets will be given to someone else, and they themselves will not feel encouraged to make an effort.

Let us pay attention to others

Sometimes, co-workers can be a strong brake on motivation. An employee presents an idea that seems innovative to him, and a colleague next to him comments loudly that this is complete nonsense and it is a shame to share it. Someone starts and ends the day with a whimper every day, which makes everyone in the room feel worse and fed up. Every enthusiasm, idea is extinguished and nipped in the bud. If we see that there is such a person on the team, let's talk to them. Let us explain that she should not cut the wings of her colleagues, because because of this, their motivation to act may drop drastically.

There may also be toxic people at work, real energy vampires - they gossip, insult, slander, deny anything another employee says. When such a person is in our company, it can significantly spoil the atmosphere, cooperation among other people. If we find out about it or notice the existence of a toxic worker, let's talk to him, give him a warning. Perhaps he is not suitable for work in a given team and should leave? It is worth considering.

Praise when it's okay

When an employee does something really well, we praise him right away. Praise is extremely motivating for everyone, but if the employer delays them until some point - meeting, periodic evaluation, etc., it can cool the enthusiasm of employees. After all, they did something right in January and are expected to find out in June? He probably won't remember well what he is praising him for.

Criticism on a regular basis

Similarly to the above advice, it is also not worth leaving the criticism for later. The employee will think that he is doing everything right, in the end no one pays attention to him. He will repeat his mistakes, record them. Then, after some time, he will find out that the management is not satisfied with him and will list him a long list of failures. This is a clear example of what undercutting wings looks like for employees. It is worth informing the employee on an ongoing basis what he should change. Thanks to this, he will learn a lot.

Let's not make fun of it

When the youngest employee wants to present an idea, let's not write it down to his age, because you are young, what do you know there. When, at a meeting of several departments, a person from outside one of them wants to present a solution for another, let's not make fun of their competence in this area. Let employees present their ideas, even if we think it is impossible for them to know something about a given topic, let's not criticize it in a mocking way. Certainly, after such a situation, he will not want to lean out anymore, he will close in himself.

Let's not complain about the stock

It will take too much time, it cannot be done, it is impossible, there is no option for it to succeed - when the employee hears such words before the conversation starts well, their wings will certainly be clipped. Sure, the supervisor has more experience, but complaining about an idea before the full concept is heard is a brake on motivation.

Let's focus on development

Employees are aware of the importance of development nowadays. We want to expand our competences, learn more and more. Therefore, it is very important to provide employees with training, courses. They are often a strong motivator. When they themselves come out with the initiative, find a great conference, etc., let's not cross their idea in advance, let's consider whether their presence at such an event will increase their skills.

Appropriate scope of duties

Employers sometimes entrust their employees with very difficult or, on the contrary, extremely easy duties. Thus, he is either unable to complete the task, even if he dents with his arms and legs, or he is terribly bored all day long. It is not worth imposing unrealistic duties on the employee or making him do almost nothing. The best solution is to entrust such tasks that are demanding but feasible.

Cutting employees' wings will be detrimental to the company, so it is worth avoiding certain behaviors. A well-coordinated, open and committed team can make us achieve great success.