Summary of contributions payments available on PUE!


Every year, ZUS sends out to contribution payers information on payments made to their contribution account. This week, companies will start informing about paid premiums in 2020. Where can I find a summary of my contribution payments?

Summary of premium payments for 2020

According to the message published on the ZUS website, on January 7, information on balances and settlement of contributions paid in 2020 began. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur will know whether his account has overpayments, underpayments, or whether it is settled at zero. In addition, the information should include the sum of the amounts of funds paid in last year, along with the information on which receivables the contributions were posted. Companies using installment agreements will receive information about the amount remaining to be repaid.

Importantly, one of the anti-crisis shields includes a provision according to which, from 2021, the summary of contributions payments for a given year will be available only on the PUE profile. So far, the Department has sent this information by letter every year.

What to do when the contribution summary shows overpayment or underpayment?

If there is an underpayment on the payer's account, which the payer cannot pay in a one-off payment, he may apply for a relief. For more information, please contact our special relief and redemption advisors. Consultation with these people is to help find the best way to settle liabilities. Advisors are responsible for supporting the payer in completing the formalities related to the selected solution.

Payers with a small amount of debt can add its value to the next settlement, but you should remember about late payment interest.

If the summary of contributions payments contains information about the overpayment, then - as ZUS indicates - its value can be reduced by the transfer made in the nearest future or you can apply for a refund by submitting the RZS application.

Summary of contributions payments and support from Shield 6.0

Payers who have applied for the cancellation of contributions under Shield 6.0 since December 30, will receive information about the exemption from fees in 2021. This means that the summary of contributions payments will not include information on the submitted application, because the account balance is given as at December 31, 2021. Importantly, the contributions paid for the months for which the payer was exempted from ZUS will be shown as an overpayment on the PUE account.

Contributions paid in 2021 will not be included in the information. According to ZUS, in case of doubts as to the balance of the balances, check the current status of settlements at PUE ZUS in the "Payer's Panel", in the "Current balances" tab.

ZUS began providing payers with information on payments made to the contribution account in 2020. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur will easily know whether he has arrears, or has overpaid contributions or made zero payments.