Generation X in the labor market - characteristics

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Currently, people from the X and Y generations predominate in the labor market. It is they who occupy most of the positions, but their approach to work and life is completely different. Everything is certainly based on completely different times when these generations were brought up. Who are the representatives of the X generation? How do they behave in the labor market and what motivates them to act? Read the next part of the series and meet the X generation!

Characteristics of the X generation

The time frames in which the representatives of the X generation were born are flexible, as they often depend on the country and the adopted division. However, it can be assumed that these are people born between the beginning of the 1960s and the mid 1980s. In Poland, this range is clearer and people born between 1965 and 1979 are called Generation X (or the generation of the Polish People's Republic). This means that the oldest representatives will be 53 in 2018, while the youngest - 39.

Where did the X in the name of the generation come from? Most often it is associated with the unknown and this is also the case here. Polish Iksy are people characterized by the uncertainty of tomorrow. The system was changing, strikes broke out, and an explosion took place in Chernobyl, which changed the lives of many people beyond recognition and left its mark to this day. For this reason, the easiest way to define generation is a short, but much significant X.

The times in which representatives of this generation were brought up made it difficult for them not to divide society on the basis of their wealth. According to them, the status of a family depends on what goods it has.

It is also worth mentioning that in the period of Iks' adolescence, advertising or marketing activities only began to develop, therefore it can be noticed that they are more susceptible to them.

Generation X believes that tradition is extremely important. When they buy, they value things that are timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the superior value for them is not originality or brand, but simply high quality.

When characterizing Generation X, it is impossible not to mention how they value peace around them. Usually, when faced with a conflict, they withdraw, do not want to participate in arguments, they avoid them.

How do Iksy work?

How is generation X doing at work? First of all, it should be mentioned that people representing this generation usually have extensive professional experience. They often spend many years in one company and identify with it strongly. They also often believe that the workplace itself, if it is widely recognized as reputable, is already a kind of reward for which one can withstand not very good conditions. Usually, they are very responsible, effective and loyal people.

Iksy value stability, and a decent salary is also important to them. This is often because many members of a generation have families whose lives they want to keep at a good level. They are therefore afraid of precarious jobs, feel bad when they are unsafe, employment that does not give them stability can cause frustration and reduce the effectiveness of operations.

The fact that Iksy value stabilization does not mean, however, that the changes are impossible for them. On the contrary - they are ready and usually coping with them, but prefer to work in peace. Besides, generation X often knows what hard work is, so they don't worry about it, they can do it, it's not something they would be afraid of.

Generation X appreciate the free time much more than their predecessors - representatives of Baby Boomers. They do not associate it with work, but believe that it is a kind of reward for the activities they perform.

Iksy are patient, they do not start many tasks at the same time, they can categorize them, they designate the most important and less important ones, and start the next ones only when they have finished the previous ones. Therefore, they manage themselves well in time.

What is the attitude of the representatives of the discussed generation to the boss? As mentioned above, they are usually loyal and show respect for their superiors, although if the management is strict, they may feel uncomfortable.

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How to motivate employees representing generation X?

In the case of Generation X, money is a strong motivation. However, it is worth knowing that they are not the only factor that influences more effective work. Iksy are also satisfied with various types of benefits.

Moreover, they perform their duties much better if they feel independent in some way. As already mentioned, the motivation can also be not too strict management and a pleasant working atmosphere. It is not about putting entertainment and rest over work, but they want to feel a certain pleasure from spending time in the workplace.

Of course, not every representative of a given generation is the same. However, various studies show that a given generation can be attributed to a group of features that occur in most people. However, this does not change the fact that Iksy do not always have to be responsible or loyal, they may also not feel the need to stabilize or not be susceptible to advertising in any way.