Generations Y and Z at work, i.e. the youngest age groups on the labor market

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There are currently at least 4 generations on the labor market. Each of them has different needs and priorities. Let's take a closer look at the youngest of them - these are the Y generation, which is slowly settling into the labor market, and the Z generation, which is just entering it.

Generation Y - characteristics

Generation Y are people who were born after 1981, in the 1980s and 1990s. These are people who, regardless of the circumstances, like to know and have clearly defined what they should do at a given moment, for what reason and, above all, what it is. the goal of the tasks set before them. Hence the name of this generation - Y (pronounced waɪ), from the question "why?" (why?).

How does generation Y work? First of all, what counts for them is a good, friendly atmosphere and the possibility of rest, as well as comfortable conditions. It is the needs of the representatives of this generation that have resulted in the fact that in an increasing number of company headquarters there are rooms where you can rest, lie down, relax, play something or eat something good. Such places make them perform their duties better and more efficiently. Generation Y was brought up in prosperity, parents often built a high self-esteem of its representatives. Their self-confidence has been trained since childhood.

The times of their development also meant that new technologies and the Internet have no secrets for them. They feel almost natural in this environment and all on-line tasks are not a problem for them.

Igreki do not aim primarily at employment stability. Changing jobs is not difficult for them and they become less attached to their current position. Besides, this is a generation for which development is important, constantly doing something new and pleasant at the same time. Hard work is not preferred by representatives of this generation, but it is easy to motivate them and involve them in the team's activities.

Who are the representatives of Generation Z?

Generation Z are people born after 1995. For them, what matters most is passion and they place it above work. The most important thing is to do the things you love and which you can devote yourself fully to with joy.

Representatives of this generation have been dealing with modern technology from the very first moments of their lives, and the Internet is their natural environment. Many of them much more often spend their time wandering around the virtual world. That's why Generation Z has the feeling that the world has no limits. After all, you can talk to people from other countries at any time, work in another country, etc.

At work, Generation Z looks for passion. In addition, the company is a place where not only the assigned tasks are performed - the atmosphere is extremely important to them, and the team should actually be a group of good friends.

Due to the constant access to technologies, which - it is impossible to hide - make life easier, the representatives of Generation Z do not like too long and complicated paths to solving problems. Everything should be done in such a way as to save as much time as possible.

Generation Z focuses on personal development. His opportunity in the workplace is more motivating for them than money. These people want to perform interesting tasks that are not boring or repetitive.

The times when Generation Z was brought up may cause them to lack humility a bit. Unlimited access to the Internet can also make them a bit alienated. However, as employees, they will certainly prove themselves in professions where contact with people is important. As already mentioned, they can initiate a conversation with someone from anywhere in the world - a very useful skill.

Experts fear that this generation may not understand confidentiality exactly. However, at this point it is difficult to clearly define what the behavior of Generation Z at work will look like, it must be emphasized that these people are just entering the labor market, and their characteristics are primarily forecasting.

Generations at work

The above characteristics clearly show that there are no great differences between the Y and Z generations. So it can be presumed that they will get along well working together. Also keep in mind that not every representative of the group will behave the same. Employees from these generations may be as keen on stability as the Baby Boomers generation, they may not pay attention to the atmosphere, benefits and relaxation zone. Therefore, it is worth simply observing the employed employees and assessing intergenerational cooperation on this basis.