Nutritional combinations or what to eat with what and what to avoid - unhealthy sets

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Food affects not only our appearance, but also our well-being, which is why it is so important to follow the principles of healthy eating to stay healthy and fit. Interestingly, we should pay attention not only to what we eat, but also in what combination. There are nutritional combinations that, when combined with each other, lose their nutrients. Read which dietary combinations to avoid.

Bad nutritional combinations, or kits that are harmful to your health

Like a cucumber, it's not a tomato

Tomato contains vitamin C, which when combined with cucumber is broken down by ascorbinase - an enzyme that contains cucumbers.Therefore, not only should we not eat it with tomatoes, but also with other vegetables containing vitamin C, e.g. cabbage, paprika, cauliflower or parsley.

Piece of cake, i.e. saturated fats and simple sugars

Surprisingly, this time the proverb can be deceiving, because a piece of cake should not be combined. A roll is primarily carbohydrates that are quickly digestible, which, after eating, raise blood sugar. When the pancreas mobilizes to regulate the sugar level, it produces insulin, which stimulates the cells to supply themselves with spare energy, including the storage of adipose tissue. The combination of simple sugars and saturated fats in one meal also promotes the synthesis of bad cholesterol. In addition to a piece of cake, you can mainly include confectionery: donuts, puff pastry, shortbread cookies, bars, etc.

Tea, coffee and wine only after the meal

Each of these drinks should be consumed approx. 2 hours after a meal and avoid drinking them while eating. Why? Thanks to the presence of antioxidants in each of these drinks, they protect cells from aging. Unfortunately - they also have metal binding properties - including iron, which, after reacting with polyphenols, loses the ability to absorb. Therefore, frequent drinking of meals, e.g. coffee, may eventually lead to anemia.

Melon is single - preferably alone

Melons should be eaten separately as they are digested very quickly. Any food they are combined with delays their digestion, causing them to ferment.

Although each of these nutritional combinations is not as harmful to our body as e.g. fast food, if we want to change our eating habits and consciously start eating healthy, it is worth combining foods so that they gain positive value instead of harming each other.