Oranges - a source of vitamins and minerals that strengthen our body

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Oranges - many of us like their taste and although theoretically we can buy them all year round, they are invariably associated with Christmas and the winter period. Oranges are not only a delicious snack and food supplement, but also a source of many vitamins and nutrients. It is worth enriching your diet with citrus!

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits ... The healthful power of citrus

First of all, it is worth starting with the fact that pectins are present in the composition of citrus. In addition to the fact that these carbohydrates help in the formation of gels, for example in jams, they also have ingredients that are beneficial to health. They can prevent or reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, in addition, they will lower blood sugar levels and help fight bad cholesterol.

What are citrus most associated with? Most of us definitely have vitamin C - and rightly so. It is beneficial for our immune system and helps fight stress. It is also extremely necessary when we burden our body, for example by smoking cigarettes.

Citrus fruits are also great for our bones, thanks to which they are healthy and more resistant to damage. In order to strengthen them, it is worth drinking grapefruit or orange juice. Squeeze them yourself or buy them? Of course, if we make the juice ourselves, we have one hundred percent certainty that it will not be processed. As for juices from producers - pay attention to the composition and make the choice dependent on it.

Citrus fruits are also a great snack for people who struggle with angina. Thanks to the fact that these fruits kill viruses and microbes, they will be able to overcome the disease perfectly.

What is worth remembering? Although the storage temperature of the fruit is slightly different, citrus is best kept in places where it does not exceed 9 degrees C. Additionally, two months after picking the fruit has as much as 60% less vitamin C.

Oranges - a source of vitamins and minerals

Oranges are an incredibly rich source of vitamin C. There is as much as 50 mg in 100 grams of the fruit! Thanks to this, adding them to our diet will strengthen our immunity, and thus protect against the flu or colds. In addition, we will not feel excessively tired and lethargic, and the body will absorb iron better.

It's not everything! The orange will also help with stomach problems. It is a great help in the fight against flatulence, heartburn and constipation. It will stimulate digestion and speed up metabolism. So it turns out to be an excellent means of Christmas overeating.

Eating the discussed fruits also has a great influence on the condition of our skin, all thanks to the content of vitamin B. In turn, the white peel contains fiber and vitamin P. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Oranges will also help lower blood pressure.

These fruits are also a godsend for people who do not like milk or cannot drink it. Oranges really contain a lot of calcium. Two fruits contain the same amount as a glass of milk.

There are also studies that have shown that children who drink orange juice have a reduced risk of developing leukemia, and that adults drink cancer of the colon or liver. Of course, you shouldn't overdo anything. Too much juice can be toxic as there is too much potassium in the blood.

Oranges are also essential for the natural cleansing of the body. First of all, they contain a lot of water that hydrates and cleanses the body, and secondly, vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant.

There is no doubt about it - it is really worth enriching your diet with oranges. They have a lot of health properties, and are tasty and their taste can complement many interesting dishes. When buying these fruits, remember that the best and the most delicious ones are those that have something like a navel, are smooth and have no stains. Then we choose the juiciest ones.