Help for entrepreneurs - in connection with the coronavirus


In connection with the announcement of the state of epidemic threat, the legislator has the right to limit the activities of certain entrepreneurs. For example, restaurants, bars and cafes will only be allowed to operate a shuttle and takeout activity. Additionally, the functioning of shopping centers and galleries is limited. Most entrepreneurs, due to the introduced state, decide to suspend their business activities in order to let potential customers stay at home - #zostanwdomu. Let's check what help the government is preparing for entrepreneurs.

Special act for companies damaged by the coronavirus

The Sejm is working on the aid project, in which the Minister of Economic Development proposes:

  • facilitating VAT settlement - postponing the entry into force of the new JPK from 01/04/2020 to 01/07/2020,
  • facilitation of split payment,
  • postponing the deadline for companies to enter the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries from April 13 to July 1, 2020 (Anti-Money Laundering Act),
  • previous VAT refunds,
  • facilitate the suspension of business activity,
  • recognition of expenses related to the cancellation of trips as tax costs, in relation to industries affected by the crisis,
  • abolition of the prolongation fee,
  • changes to the state aid scheme, extensions for SMEs and large companies.

Help for entrepreneurs, what about taxes?

As indicated by the Ministry of Finance on its website - - taxpayers who will have problems with timely payment of tax receivables due to the current state of affairs, will be able to apply for a tax relief or its complete cancellation. It is enough to describe your case in the application referring to your financial consequences resulting from the virus epidemic. Then the tax offices will in particular take into account the circumstances that have arisen.

Applications submitted by entrepreneurs pursuant to Art. 67a and art. next The Tax Code will be considered first.

Postponement of the deadlines for submitting tax declarations and reports

Due to the fact that taxpayers and accountants in most cases stayed at home, their ability to perform their duties is limited. We know from unofficial sources that the Polish Chamber of Tax Advisors proposes that during the coronavirus epidemic the deadline for submitting the CIT-8 declaration, financial statements for 2019 or VAT returns should be postponed.

In addition, a petition from the Accountants Association in Poland was launched, requesting a postponement of the deadlines for submitting, inter alia, all tax declarations and returns, which already has 10 thousand. signatures. It is therefore possible that the Ministry of Finance will comply with the requests of taxpayers as well as the accountants themselves.

Help for entrepreneurs and ZUS

As ZUS indicates on its website, entrepreneurs in a difficult situation will be able to take advantage of, inter alia, With

  • installment arrangements,
  • Postponing the payment of contributions,
  • in the case of persons paying contributions for their own insurance - write-off of receivables.

Additionally, an entrepreneur who has difficulties in running a business may take advantage of these opportunities.

All details can be found on the website: / 3199407

Do you have an idea to help entrepreneurs?

We would like to remind you that taxpayers can submit applications at and thus submit their ideas for solutions to fight the coronavirus. Additionally, it is possible to vote on submitted ideas. Perhaps those with the highest number of votes will be taken into account by the legislator.