How to set up a hairdressing salon - practical tips

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A hairdressing salon is a good business idea for enterprising, talented and above all - with several years of experience in the profession. This type of activity has a chance of success both in a large city and in smaller towns and even villages. There are women and men everywhere who want to look good and take care of their image. How to start your own hairdressing salon? What procedures should be followed? What to pay special attention to? How to be successful? You will find answers to these and other questions as well as practical tips on how to set up a hairdressing salon in this article!

How to set up a hairdressing salon - formalities

Company registration

If you want to start your own hairdressing salon, in the initial phase it is worth choosing a sole proprietorship or a civil partnership of natural persons. Then, in order to register your business, you must complete the CEIDG-1 form. Importantly, the entrepreneur has four options for submitting it:

  • in person at the city or commune office,
  • electronically using a secure qualified signature,
  • electronically without a secure qualified signature - ePUAP trusted profile,
  • by registered mail (signature notarized).

With the third option, remember that it will be necessary to go to the appropriate branch of the office and confirm your identity.


Entrepreneurs running their own hairdressing salon can keep their accounts using the system

Registration for VAT

Entities that will be active VAT payers should submit the VAT-R form to the competent tax office.

More information on VAT exemption in the article: VAT exemption - who can benefit?

Registration with the Social Insurance Institution

In addition to CEIDG-1 and VAT-R, you should also remember to submit the ZUS ZUA form to the Social Insurance Institution. The purpose of this form is to register a person for insurance.

Instructions on filling in ZUS ZUA can be found in the article: How to fill in ZUA?


Detailed sanitary requirements to be met by a hairdressing salon are specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of February 17, 2004 on detailed sanitary requirements to be met by hairdressing, cosmetic, tattoo and biological regeneration services. This provision has been repealed, however, the legislator has not yet issued a substitute legal act, therefore Sanepid still relies on its regulations.

According to its content, the room in which hairdressing services will be provided should be located in a separate building or premises - or constitute a separate part of the premises / building.

In a hairdressing salon, several essential rooms should be separated, as specified in the above-mentioned regulation. These include:

  • a room for the provision of services,
  • cloakroom and waiting room,
  • sanitary and hygienic room for customers,
  • place for storing cleaning equipment,
  • a room (or wardrobes) for storing cosmetic preparations and clean and dirty linen,
  • place for containers where waste is collected.

In addition, the plant should have access to hot and cold water. It is forbidden to smoke tobacco products in the plant (unless a smoking room has been separated) and introduce animals to it.

Hairdressing salon - definition of specialization

This is the first and essential point to focus on long before starting a hair salon business. The future entrepreneur should answer the basic question - what does he want to specialize in? Providing answers should not be a problem, because an experienced hairdresser or stylist must know the strengths and weaknesses - both of himself and of the potential team. The strongest ones should be the basis - the main service provided by the salon. As a rule, these are haircuts and coloring.

The right place is the key to success

Finding the right place for a hairdressing salon is extremely important. The future entrepreneur should pay special attention to its location and size.

The hairdressing salon should be located in an easily accessible location with good transport links and access to a car park. There is nothing to hide - the location also depends on the competition and funds that the future entrepreneur has. It seems unwise to open a fourth salon on a street where three others already exist.

Prices are also an important aspect - the shorter the distance from the city center, the higher the rent.

However, when it comes to the size of the premises, it cannot be too small. It should have a separate waiting room, a toilet for clients, a rest room and the main room. At the same time, there should be at least two hair-cutting stations and places for washing hair in the main room.

When renting premises for business, you should also take into account additional costs - such as renovation aimed at adapting it to the nature of the services provided.

Equipment of the premises

The equipment of the premises is another important aspect that should be taken into account before starting your own business. Specialist equipment is not the cheapest and you need to allocate a lot of funds for it. Sometimes reaching for your own savings is not enough and a novice entrepreneur is forced to use external sources of financing, such as:

  • loans,
  • subsidies,
  • supporting programs, e.g. support at the start, etc.