Ideas for content - where to find inspiration?

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Content marketing is becoming an important element in the communication strategy for many companies. It is a positive change in the way of thinking and building an operating strategy. Content marketing must be tailored to the needs of the target group. You need to know who is the recipient of your messages and marketing messages. However, where to get ideas for content that will encourage you to register or even buy a product? Here are some ways to find them.

Who do you create your texts for, i.e. who are your recipients?

This is one of the basic and most important questions to ask yourself. At the very beginning, it is necessary to specify what interests our recipient. The best way is to ask followers on Facebook or other social media channels directly - what interests them? There is nothing better than direct feedback from current or future recipients.

Tools to help you find ideas for content

  • Quora

It is an English-language portal and one of the largest places where there are many newsgroups where users ask, edit and answer questions. There are no taboos in this community, so you will find all kinds of questions that you can use in the form of an interesting article describing or answering a given topic - important from the level of your industry. This place can be a mine of topics that you can describe on your website and thus gain a high position in Google search results for these specific key phrases.

  • Industry internet forums

In order to be able to find the most frequently asked questions related to your industry, it is worth following the thematic online forums. In these places, users ask questions related specifically to the market on which you operate, so building articles that respond to their needs may result in the answers to them being found in your article and on your website. Do not forget about forums, because this is where people potentially interested in your offer can find themselves.

  • Impactana

This tool allows you to search by a specific keyword or domain address and find the most shared content related to that word or phrase. The search results take into account two indicators: one tells about the popularity of a given topic on social media, how many shares or likes it had, and the other tells about user engagement, i.e. how many comments or incoming links have a given article or post achieved.

  • Keyword Research

One should not forget about traditional key phrases checking, if the goal is to ensure that the content ideas are really valuable and are reflected in the interests of a given target group. In this case, it is worth using, for example, the traditional Google Keyword Planner, and at the same time you should also use These pages suggest more key phrases under which a given topic is searched.

  • Internet monitoring

Use special internet monitoring tools such as Brand24 or Sentione. This is the fastest way to find ideas for content relevant to your industry or brand. The operation of the systems is simple - you define the keywords in the system that interest you, and then the system sends you information about who and where posted an entry containing a predefined keyword in the network (social media, online forums, etc.). It's also a good place to find inspiration for relevant content.

In conclusion, whether you use your content marketing activities to run a blog or on a sales page, it is important to create content tailored to your audience, their interests, searches and questions. So content ideas shouldn't just be your visualization of a beautiful blog and topics that only interest you. When creating your content, you need to remember that, first and foremost, it must answer the real questions and requirements of potential users or readers.