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If we wanted to participate in and operate on all available social networking sites, we would certainly not have enough time for it. Trends in social media are constantly changing, hence many social channels are created in response to new consumer behavior and needs. However, if we were to distinguish the most popular and most used social networking sites, which ones would be in the top ten? You will find the answer in the article below.

Well-known social networking sites

Today, social media plays an important role in the communication of many companies with their users.Often, for customers, contacting a given company via Facebook or Twitter is one of the first steps they take. They do not look for contacts on the website, but immediately try to find social media profiles. You don't have to run all of the above-mentioned communication channels right away - just choose a few of them and use them to promote and build your brand image.

Social media

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Probably the most famous and most used social networking site. It was established in 2004, and after 24 hours from the official release of the website, it could boast a considerable number of over a thousand users. Today, this website is visited by over a billion internet users daily, making it one of the largest data carriers about users on the web. Facebook is a platform where you can share content with friends, organize events, watch the world or run extensive advertising campaigns, which is why it is so popular and willingly used not only by private individuals, but also by many companies.


A tweet, or simply a Twitter entry, is a short description / post that can be up to 140 characters long. This social networking site is used to post catchy and exhaustive posts that can then be directed further, of course, if we include a link to such a post. There is one more characteristic thing for this website - the use of hashtags in posted entries, which allow users to find, for example, your post on a specific topic much faster.


Instagram is one of the most popular and used websites for publishing photos and short videos. It is also one of the main channels on which well-known and popular (celebrities, bloggers, vloggers) advertise products or services of popular brands. The principle of operation of the website is simple: we take a photo, select effects and apply filters, hashtags and publish.


It was established in 2005 and its main purpose is to share and watch video materials. This website is constantly gaining popularity. Many brands have noticed the growing group of YouTube users long ago, and thus recognized its advertising potential. This portal allows you to subscribe to your favorite channels and leave comments on the content posted there. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.


A social networking site established in 2000 that specializes in professional and business contacts - this is how it can be described in a nutshell. It is also the world's largest professional network, where profiles are run not only by private individuals who meticulously build their perfect CV here over the years, but also by headhunters and companies who want to improve the recruitment process and build a professional image of the company.


In Poland, this website is unjustifiably underrated and overlooked. It was established in 2011, as part of it we can create circles of friends, share information or conduct video meetings. The way it works is similar to Facebook, but they differ in some aspects, for example, on Google + instead of liking individual profiles, you choose the "I follow" option, and instead of the well-known "I like it" is giving pluses, the so-called "+1".


Inspirational Boards - two words that can be used to summarize the characteristics of this website. Pinterest is an aggregate of visual content. Website users collect many photos in individual catalogs, and then share them with other recipients who can like and comment on the materials.


Especially popular with the younger generation. The main purpose of the application is to provide the ability to quickly transfer multimedia files that quickly disappear from the website history and are no longer visible to users. The website offers tools such as geofilters or masks, which allow users to present the published content even more interestingly.


It's a microblogging platform. You can add photos, videos, quotes, notes or music on it. Website users can share their content, comment on someone's posts, like other posts and adjust the appearance of their microblogs to their own concepts.


This application allows the user to broadcast live from his mobile device what he is doing at the moment for his followers. Instead of posting a photo from the event in which we participate, we can provide a live broadcast. Live coverage can be broadcast not only for all followers of the profile, but also for a selected group that will receive information about the beginning of broadcasting.