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The e-commerce platform is nothing more than a comprehensive software that allows you to set up and run your own online store. On the Polish market, the most popular such platform is Shoper, the capabilities of which are used by over 20,000 online stores in 2021. How does it stand out from the competition? What do other platforms offer?

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model, in which Shoper operates, is one of the most popular solutions for running online stores. Sellers receive access to online sales and technical support software for one subscription fee, which makes their work much easier. Having an online store on this type of platform does not require specialist technical knowledge, thanks to which the seller can focus on what is most important to him, i.e. sales. This is what distinguishes Shoper and other e-commerce platforms available on the Polish market.


Shoper is the most popular e-commerce platform in the SaaS model in Poland - its services are used by over 20,000 in 2021. online stores. The company has been present on the Polish market since 2005 and is the oldest e-commerce software provider in our country.

There are four subscription plans available to customers: Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Premium. According to the price list and frequent promotions, we will pay for the cheapest plan software from PLN 25 per month (PLN 300 annually), while the highest package, Premium, costs approximately PLN 399 per month, which is approximately PLN 4,700 per year. In the Premium offer, it is possible to individually negotiate the terms and conditions. By switching to the Shoper Premium service from another e-commerce platform, you can take advantage of special conditions and receive a store for a symbolic PLN for the first year of operation. Promotions for the first store are also available for lower subscription plans.

There is no product limit in the Premium package, the Premium Cache technology is also available, which ensures up to 10x faster store operation. In the lower packages you can use, among others from unlimited data transfer and store language versions.

Shoper has also become the new owner of the Shoplo platform and offers these stores a special migrator for new software. As we read on the website informing about the migration, Shoper, having access to all Shoplo store data, allows you to transfer all data (including products, their variants, descriptions, inventory, customer database, orders and their statuses or delivery options) to new software and mapping the appearance of the store.

  • Price range as standard: from 88 to 177 PLN per month

  • Premium service: PLN 399 / month

  • Product limit: 10,000 to 50,000 / no limit in the Premium option

  • Data transfer: 300GB per year in the Gold Plan / unlimited in higher packages

  • Language versions: unlimited

  • Sales commission: no

  • Built-in Payments: Payment Shoper

  • Additional services: Shoper Campaigns, Shoper App Store, SEO Audit


RedCart is another Polish e-commerce platform used by approximately 900 online stores. It was established in 2008 and offers its software in three subscription packages: Micro, Plus and Premium. The cost of the lowest subscription is PLN 79 per month, which is almost PLN 950 per year. For a month of using the highest subscription, we will have to pay PLN 99, which is PLN 988 per year.

Each of these packages has product limitations (respectively: 1,000, 25,000 and 150,000 products), and requires additional fees from those who need to connect their store with wholesalers. In the Plus package there is an option to connect only one warehouse free of charge, in Premium - up to three.

The owners of stores working on the RedCart software inform about problems related to SEO, so it is worth checking whether additional help from a positioning specialist will be needed on this platform.

  • Price range as standard: PLN 79-89 / month

  • Premium service: PLN 99 / month

  • Product limit: 1,000 to 2,500 / up to 150,000 in the Premium plan

  • Data transfer: unlimited

  • Language versions: yes

  • Sales commission: no

  • Built-in payments: no, integrations


Sky Shop is a platform whose beginnings on the e-commerce market date back to 2009. Today, its services are used by about 2 thousand. shops. It is sold in four subscription plans - according to the current price list, the lowest StartUp package costs PLN 49 per month (which is over PLN 580 in the annual billing), in the highest package, Advance, we have to pay PLN 299 per month (i.e. almost PLN 3600 annually).

Each of the packages has limits for the number of products sold in the store - with the StartUp package it is 100 products, with Advance - 125,000. It is also important to know, especially for shops focusing on social commerce, that only holders of higher packages will use the "Shop on Facebook" tool for free in the Offerer - for the rest it is PLN 39 per month. The same applies to other options, available for free in higher subscription plans - for a detailed check, see the price list.


  • Price range as standard: PLN 49-299 per month

  • Premium service: Ultimate, from PLN 499 to PLN 999

  • Product limit: from 100 to 125,000 / to 200,000 in the Ultimate package

  • Language versions: yes

  • Sales commission: no

  • Built-in payments: SkyPay


IdoSell is a platform founded in 2005 and offering software in three subscription plans: Smart Cloud, Elastic Cloud and Cloud Pro. The cost of the lowest plan is PLN 25 per month, giving you PLN 300 per year. In the highest package, the monthly cost will be PLN 999, which in the annual settlement is almost PLN 12 thousand. The latter is recommended for large stores that need a dedicated, scalable solution. About 3,000 people use IdoSell services in 2021. online stores.

One of the most important issues when choosing this software is sales billing - IdoSell offers a limited package of free store orders, for three subscription plans, respectively: 30, 90 and 900 units. Each of the above is additionally payable. In Elastic Cloud 60 gr, and in Cloud Pro 30 cents per order. The package of free orders from external sources - Allegro, Amazon or Ceneo is also limited. Each subsequent order is an additional cost from 10 to 20 groszy.

The platform also charges additional fees for data transfer, which goes beyond the subscription (for lower packages) and for subsequent API packages (for higher plans). So let's carefully read the price list of the services provided.

  • Price range as standard: PLN 25-189 / month

  • Premium service: PLN 999 / month

  • Product limit: up to 200,000

  • Data transfer: 50GB, unlimited in higher packages

  • Language versions: unlimited

  • Sales commission: yes

  • Built-in payments: IdoPay


The Canadian company, founded in 2004, enjoys interest on foreign markets. Both the software and the technical support offered by the company are in English, so it can be a problem and an insurmountable barrier for Polish sellers. Of course, you can use, for example, the help of an e-commerce agency that specializes in Shopify stores, but it is a service for which you have to pay extra.

If we're already on the cost - Shopify offers three subscription plans: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced. The cheapest one is $ 29 per month, which is over PLN 100 per month. Annually, it is over PLN 1,300.In turn, the highest, standard subscription plan (Advanced) costs $ 300 per month, which is over 14,000 per year. zloty. However, this is not the highest option for sellers - Shopify also offers an advanced Plus service, which costs from $ 2,000. dollars per month.

As standard, we have to pay additional fees if we want to connect the store with Polish payment and delivery operators. For example, to integrate your Shopify store with the popular Przelewami24, you need to use an external operator. In turn, using the external Shopify InPost Parcel Lockers application generates the cost of the purchase and annual maintenance. Therefore, if we want to focus on selling on the Polish market, we must carefully analyze all the additional fees that we could incur when launching a store on a foreign platform. Fortunately, the Shopify offer and website are clear, unfortunately not available in Polish.

  • Standard price range: $ 29- $ 299 / month

  • Premium service: 2 thousand. dollars / month

  • Product limit: no

  • Data transfer: 50GB, unlimited in higher packages

  • Language versions: 1-5 depending on the package

  • Sales commission: yes

  • Built-in payments: Shopify Payments

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