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Online stores are becoming more and more popular. Online shopping is convenient, fast and, above all, allows us to compare prices, products and offers from all over the world. This gives the customer the opportunity to choose a store where the best purchase conditions are offered. This forces the trader to fight even more fiercely for the group of consumers. He must demonstrate not only great knowledge, but also cleverness and strategy. Recently, online price comparison websites have become a very interesting form of online sales. They bring many benefits to both parties, both the seller and the buyer. An entrepreneur who does not use this form of promotion may lose a lot and thus be pushed to further positions in the race for the client.

Price comparison sites - prices down, benefits up

Price comparison websites gather entrepreneurs from all over the country in one place. We have several companies on one website that offer the same or similar product. This allows us to compare prices and offers, and then select the best one. The customer does not have to spend hours browsing the pages of individual e-stores to find what they are looking for. This is a great convenience, which means that more and more Internet users use this form of shopping.

The number of consumers who are attracted by comparison websites is constantly growing, this is a sign for traders. By deciding to place your offer on one of the price comparison websites, we can reach a wider group of customers and at the same time become a more recognizable and popular brand. First of all, we gain the customer and popularity. At the beginning, however, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the mechanism of operation of such websites. The scheme is very simple: the lower the price of the product, the higher the position in the search engine. This is the key to success.Many entrepreneurs may discourage such dependence and cause them to give up using the services of comparison websites. Naturally, sellers are forced to lower their prices, of course they do not have to do this and thus lose their high position in the search engine.

Using price comparison websites is also not free and involves certain costs. The settlement method is CPC, i.e. a fee is charged for each user click on the offer. This is not always the case, however, comparison engines have different methods of calculating clicks. And yes, Ceneo.pl introduced a favorable payment mechanism. The store owner only pays for the clicks that caused the customer to purchase the product. It is a fair form of cooperation of the price comparison website with entrepreneurs.

Price comparison sites for your online store

The success of each brand is a good understanding of the market and checking all possibilities. Facing the choice of an advertising campaign, a good advertising slogan or an effective comparison engine, we are like our future client, we must choose the best. In order not to make a mistake, we compare all offers and choose the one that is closest to our expectations. It is therefore worth looking at the rankings in such a situation and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the offer of price comparison websites, which are at the forefront of all rankings.

Price comparison websites in January 2014

(Megapanel PBI / Gemius) WIRTUALNEMEDIA.PL


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domestic mobile views

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Undoubtedly, the price comparison engine ceneo.pl is a pioneer in this industry. In January 2014, it was visited by almost 6 million users and had over 77 million views. This portal owes its popularity and is so popular due to its very wide offer, favorable terms of cooperation and effective advertising. Both entrepreneurs and their clients most often use this comparison engine, and its popularity is constantly growing.

How to use price comparison websites in e-commerce?

Having an online store, you have to take into account that you are fighting and striving for the customer. He has no way of noticing your company if you do not meet him. Good advertising and multifaceted action will allow you to appear in this industry. The price comparison engine is an excellent channel to reach the customer. The buyer compares prices, brands, offers and products and chooses the best one. The path to the client is therefore simple, but obtaining it depends largely on the tactics of our actions. We must focus on competitive prices, good advertising of our brand, original presentation of our goods and fight for position in search engines. This could be our path to success. What do you gain by deciding to use the price comparison website?

  • First of all, you are expanding the group of your clients. We are talking here primarily about the most aware and looking for a specific high-quality product. Each customer who has benefited from a purchase through a given portal has the option of issuing an opinion of the store where he made the purchase. When choosing an offer, consecutive consumers rely on the comments of others. Thus, you can inspire the trust of potential customers.

  • The more your company is online, the more recognizable you are. Price comparison websites are also a way to advertise your e-shop well. By placing your offer there, you promote your brand. Remember that selling is also a form of advertising.

  • Based on the opinions of your customers, you can improve your offer and adapt it to their needs.

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How to join the "price war"?

As previously mentioned, price comparison websites force traders to lower the prices of their goods. For some, this aspect is not a disadvantage that may result in resignation from this service. If you have not joined any price comparison website yet, this is the best time to change it. The procedure is not complicated and does not take much time. To join the cooperation, you need to sign a contract or fill out an online form. You are required to provide certain details of your company: name, postal address, e-mail address, website address, REGON number, tax identification number and entry in the business register. You also need to provide the necessary information about your business, products and prices. The offer may be updated once a day or even several times a day. It depends on the comparison engine we choose. In order to increase your chances on the market, it is worth placing your offer on several such portals. This will show your client that you are active and will not let him forget about you.

Competitive price and what's next?

In e-commerce price comparison websites, not only the price matters. Yes, a lot depends on it and it plays an extremely important role. However, the customer pays attention to many other aspects that relate to the purchased product. In addition to the price, the following also plays an important role:

  • opinion about the brand - let's make sure that our company enjoys a good reputation. Nobody will make a purchase from us if the evaluation of our store is not positive.

  • brand recognition - here a lot depends on advertising and promoting our company. If we are known among consumers, they will certainly shop with us more often. However, the process of building a stable and well-known company is lengthy, so we should be patient and, above all, not give up.

  • trust - it is strongly related to the opinion of our consumers. If it is positive, we will gain the customer's trust as a consequence.

  • good product description - this aspect should also be taken into account. If the customer decides to click on our offer, we cannot allow him to resign from it. We have to convince him that when buying a product in our store, he is making the right choice.

In order to achieve something, you must first invest. If you are an entrepreneur who runs his online store, you are well aware of this. However, if you are just planning to set up your online store, you need to plan your action plan very well and be familiar with the industry. However, you cannot limit yourself to only one channel by which you want to reach your customers. The current market offers us many opportunities that allow the entrepreneur to break through the crowd of competition. An e-commerce price comparison engine can help you reach the heights. You can be sure that this is a good incentive to promote your brand into a stable, strong and, above all, trustworthy company.